Sunday, 1 May 2016

Five Things

1. I just can't get enough of fresh flowers at the moment. White tulips and pretty pink hyacinths are really doing it for me. They completely transform a room and make for a mean instagram post too. I buy mine at Aldi and they last really well and are very affordable. 
2. If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat you will know that I am going to be launching an etsy shop selling my hand lettered prints. I am so excited about this and I will let you know as soon as it's up and running. I will also be doing custom orders as well as wedding envelopes and much more but I will be starting small and adding more items as I go along. I started this journey almost 18 months ago practicing my faux calligraphy, then learning brush lettering and finally learning how to do my quotes digitally on my iPad Pro. You can look back to my post a the beginning of last year here and look at what my lettering was like when I first started. It just shows what a little perseverance and practice can do if you really want to do something. I'm still working out the logistics of running my etsy shop but I'm hoping to have it open ASAP so watch this space.
3. I'm trying to get a bit healthier as we move into May. After our gym flooded in the Boxing Day Floods I haven't had access to a gym and regular exercise has well and truly gone out of the window. I also haven't been making the best food choices and I've been snacking on all the wrong things. I've been lacking in energy, having headaches and just feeling in a bit of a slump so I've joined a huge health centre just along the road from where we live and I'm booked in for a "Health MOT" this evening. Pray for me. 

4. I am well and truly on board with Netflix these days. If you havent already watched Reign YOU NEED TO. Its like French Court meets Gossip Girl and I've been obsessed for months. I recently started watching another series called Once Upon a Time which is all about Fairytale characters in the real world - I've only watched a couple of episodes and it seems ok so far but nothing amazing. Also for any Game of Thrones fans who are up to date and saw the first episode on Monday night - I'm just going to leave this link here *insert side eye emoji* 

5. Last but not least I am completely in love with the new parrot range at Paperchase. Think big palm leaves, bright colours and lots of birds. Its so gorgeous and I want it all. I had a £5 voucher on my "Treat Me" card (Paperchase's loyalty card which is totally free and you get lots of discounts and vouchers on your birthday) so I used it to get this dreamy pencil case. Its so fun I just love it! They also have a leather palm print pencil case that would also double up as a cute little make up bag too - roll on payday. 
I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend whatever you get up to :) 

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  1. Good luck with your healthy goals for May! I also want to get back into a healthy routine but I'm doing a bit of traveling which always makes it difficult. And funnily enough I've also been watching Reign lately! It's kind of a guilty pleasure (full of all of CW's classic angst, like you say very similar to gossip girl).
    Amber | A Write Through Life

  2. Can't wait to see your Etsy shop fully up and running Kelly, what an exciting venture for you!


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