Monday, 11 April 2016

Amsterdam Photo Diary 2016

Long time no blog! What a month it has been. I have so much to share with you kicking off with our trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of March. We got an amazing deal on P&O Ferries for 2 for 1 from Hull to Rotterdam for £79! We decided to book an overnight stay separately so we had more time in Amsterdam and opted for the CitizenM Amsterdam Hotel.  You board the ship at Hull in the evening and then wake up the next morning in Rotterdam. After a short coach ride you arrive in the wonderful Amsterdam.

I've wanted to visit for years and when we got the opportunity to do it for such a good price we jumped at the chance. Our hotel was just outside of the centre (about a 5 minute Metro journey) and it was really easy to navigate the metro system.

We arrived to an absolutely freezing cold Amsterdam. It was snowing, raining, blowing a gale and was just generally really rubbish weather. We headed straight for a little cafe to get a cuppa to warm us up. Gloves, hats and scarves at the ready we set off exploring.

There is so much to see and do, everywhere is picture perfect. The buildings are gorgeous, the shops are amazing and then there's the food!

One of the main things we wanted to do was visit the Anne Frank Museum. We tried getting tickets when we booked our trip (a month in advance) and the tickets were completely sold out. If you don't manage to pre-buy tickets you are looking at queuing for around 4 hours. I have a little insider tip for you though. One of my friends told me they release extra tickets the day before so we went online the day before we wanted to go and voila we managed to get some tickets! It was a really thought provoking and harrowing experience. I personally wouldn't say its worth queueing 4 hours for but if you can get tickets definitely add it to your list.

There was also a few shops I really wanted to check out including Anna & Nina, Sissy Boy and H&M home. The shops in Amsterdam are seriously incredible. Everything is so well curated and beautiful.

After wandering around and stopping by all of the shops we wanted to check out we went back to our hotel and got changed and ready for the evening. We found an awesome little bar that served food so stayed there for a while before heading out and seeing Amsterdam by night. The glow from the buildings was magical and we could have strolled for hours. We went down to the red light district (when in Rome Amsterdam and all that) and it was certainly an eye opening experience!

On our second day we headed back out and it was a much brighter day. It was still really cold but at least we weren't being hit with the hail, sleet and snow!

We had some amazing dutch pancakes for breakfast and then went on a canal boat tour. There are tons of these around the city so we hopped aboard and set off exploring Amsterdam's canals. I'd love to say this was a good experience but I actually found it really dull. I personally enjoyed exploring the city on foot much more.

After even more walking around it was time to head home. We made a quick pit stop for some cheesy chips at Manneken Pis (seriously you have to try these) and made our way back to Rotterdam to sail home. I would 100% recommend a visit to Amsterdam - we really want to go back for a few days in Summer and explore even more of this amazing city.

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  1. For anyone reading that may be going, don't be put off by the long Anne Frank queue :) I've managed to go about five times, with different people and only booked ahead once. The longest I've queued is around an hour and would say it's well worth it!

    Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities, glad you got to experience it :) Even if the weather wasn't great...

    North of London blog

    1. Ahh thanks so much for sharing Phoebe. A couple of groups of my friends have been separately and had to wait for 4 hours. Maybe they just got unlucky! I agree it's defo worth queuing an hour for but I wouldn't wait 4 hours. Xxx


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