Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Seasons Greetings - A ramble

First things first Merry Christmas! Whether you celebrate or not I hope you at least managed to enjoy a little bit of the festive holidays. I can't quite believe we are gearing up for 2016. In true form I will be posting my musings for 2016 in a separate post on New Years Day but for now I just wanted to check in with a bit of a ramble (my personal favourite).

I feel like I'm going through a bit of a change at the moment - well over the last few months actually. It's way too deep to go into in one blogpost but I fully intend on sharing this with you in the months to come in a series of posts. I don't know if its maybe because I'm getting a little bit older and the way I see things is shifting or if there is another reason but the way I see the world is definitely changing. I'm changing.

I came off the pill in October following some health issues and I am currently writing a blog post about my experience. I've been on various forms of hormonal contraception for over 10 years and the whole experience of going 'au naturel' so to speak has been extremely eye opening - hell I'd even go as far as to say it's been life changing. I want to share this with other women who may be thinking of doing the same and whilst everyone is completely different - my experience may help someone else. As women I don't feel like we talk about this stuff enough and it shouldn't be a taboo subject. 

I also want to talk more about Minimalism and how I am incorporating this into my life in my own way. Thinking about it I started moving towards a more minimalist life when I moved house back in March - my home decor has a strong Scandinavian influence and I cleared out more bags and boxes of unwanted items than I care to remember. I think seeing all of that waste is what started the wave but only over the last few months have I really started to embrace minimalism and the benefits it brings. I am by no means a complete minimalist but it is something I am moving towards and incorporating in my own way. This ties in with consumerism and buying crap for the sake of it. I'm through with it. This isn't me saying I'm not going to shop anymore by any means - this is me saying I'm being more mindful about what I spend my money on and I now only buy things I truly value. When you start thinking this way and living this way your mindset changes significantly. You become more aware of consumerism gone mad and you gain a whole new perspective. It allows you to spend your money on things that add value to your life - invest in items that make you really happy and aren't just some fad that will lie unloved in 12 months time. To quote Sophia Amoruso "Money looks better in the bank than on your feet."

I've been enjoying finding new YouTubers and blogs who share seriously inspiring and creative content on topics from personal finance, investing, minimalism, DIY and home decor and I want to share these with you. 

I totally get that this wont be for everyone but I guess my interests are changing and this blog has always been a place where I share what's catching my attention at any given point in my life. Of course I still love fashion and beauty and always will but I'm enjoying this shift in my outlook and want to share that. I really do believe that you can create a balance of all of the above and live a simple, happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Wow that turned into quite the little ramble but I'm excited and inspired to share more of what's floating my boat lately and writing blog posts about topics that hopefully you will find interesting too!

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  1. I think as women it's good to share (some, but not all) our experiences, especially with important things such as contraception. Good for you for writing up a blog post about this! I hope you have a happy new year Kelly :)

    1. Thanks Jasmine. I completely agree, there is a fine line between sharing and over sharing - I aim to do the former :) Happy New Year to you too Xxx

  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Kelly, can't wait to see where the new year takes you and your blog! Happy New Year! xx


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