Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Camping trip in the Yorkshire Dales | Rukins Park Lodge

We set off on our road trip early in the morning with the car full to bursting with us and all our camping gear. Now I'm the first to admit I'm more of a glamping girl than a camping girl but Craig absolutely loves camping and being outdoors so we meet in the middle and compromise. We have all of the bases covered, plush sleeping bag, air bed, camping stove, tea making facilities and most importantly a good tent. Now if I had my way we'd have a canvas bell tent like this one I snapped at our campsite, a girl can dream right? 

We had a couple of things we wanted from our campsite, Craig wanted to be near water, in a remote location, be allowed to have a camp fire and I wanted the campsite to have toilets. After searching on Cool Camping we decided on Rukins Park Lodge a spot right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and next to a river. We invited some of our friends along and set off on the long drive.

The drive up to Keld was more picturesque than any of us could have imagined. I've made many a trip to the Dales over the last few years but I'd never been off the beaten track like this before. This was literally the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, no civilisation for miles with the exception of tiny villages and lonely farm buildings. The villages were post card perfect - everywhere you looked was a photo opportunity.

When we arrived at Rukins Farm we were greeted with a warm welcome by the owner Barbara. There are all the facilities you need on site as well as a small tea room and shop selling essentials. We paid for our pitches, grabbed some fire wood then headed down to the river to set up camp.

We pitched right by the river and to our amazement we were within a minutes walk of a waterfall - the setting was quite simply stunning. It felt a million miles away from the usual chaos of life.

After we'd explored our surroundings and set up camp first things first and in true Yorkshire style a cup of tea was in order.

We chatted the night away and after having dinner we started up the camp fire, toasted marshmallows and watched as the stars came out one by one.

We awoke with the birds the following morning and after a slight disaster with breakfast we packed up and set off towards Hawes, a small market town just down the road and home to the largest single drop waterfall in England - Hardraw Force. We had to stop along the way to take in the incredible scenery - simply breathtaking.

You access Hardraw Force via the Green Dragon, a 13th Century Inn packed to the rafters with charm and its very own dozing cat in front of a roaring fire.

After going through the inn you only have a small walk until you reach the beautiful waterfall.

After taking everything in we strolled back to the car feeling thoroughly content and more than a little sad that we had to leave the Yorkshire Dales behind.

Even if camping really isn't your thing, with the right camping essentials and a setting as perfect as Rukins Park Lodge I'm sure that you will have a thoroughly enjoyable, peaceful and restorative weekend in the Dales.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Five Things

1. The last couple of weeks have been spent having a good old clear out. Last week we did a table top sale - its a bit like a car boot sale but indoors. I've never done one of these before but it was fab - we managed to shift loads of stuff we no longer wanted or needed - clearing up loads of space and earning ourselves a little extra cash in the process. It was also a really fun morning - me and Craig were absolutely loving wheeling and dealing running our little stall.

2. I cannot wait for payday this month - we're finally going to get some wardrobes and some furniture for our spare room/office. I really want to make this room a lovely space so have been pinning lots of inspiration over on Pinterest. I want to get lots of different prints for this room - any suggestions where I can find some affordable ones?

3. This week I FINALLY had my hair cut. I haven't had it cut for 5 months. This wasn't intentional at all its just one of those things that always seems to pass me by. I've had about 5 inches chopped off and although it still looks really long it is so much shorter than I'm used to. (This photo on Instagram shows the length a bit better) I'm working up to a long bob eventually but doing it in baby steps. Whilst I love having long hair and it took me so long to grow it to this length once its long it grows so fast. It becomes unmanageable and doing anything with it feels such a chore. I definitely feel ready for a change and I'm absolutely loving this blunt all one length cut. 

4. This week I finished reading Charlotte Street a book which I thoroughly enjoyed by Danny Wallace. I'm now on the hunt for something new to read - I would love your suggestions?

5. This week I've been loving following Anouska on Snapchat and discovering her blog. She has a gorgeous soothing Irish accent and amazing hair! I must admit she maybe my current hair inspiration! Definitely one to follow. 

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