Monday, 13 July 2015

Five Things


1. To say I've had a fun filled few weeks is a complete understatement. Starting off with a trip to CenterParcs, camping in the Yorkshire Dales, a day trip to Ripley and a weekend in London to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley has made for an incredible few weeks. I have lots of blog posts lined up for you so look out for those over the coming weeks. 

2. Snapchat. Ok I'm just going to say it. I'm obsessed. It really reminds me of the early youtube vlogging days and I use it pretty much for that purpose - to vlog. Now I'm going to level with you its nothing groundbreaking - my life will just never be that exciting but if you fancy saying hi over there my username is kellycpeel I know I know I committed the ultimate faux pas of not aligning my username to my online moniker but I created the account yonks ago and didn't use it for ages. I may change my account over eventually (I've already secured the kelanjo19 username) but that means I'll lose all of my friends on my current account and thats crap! For now I'll stick with the kellycpeel account if you fancy popping over and saying hello.

3. This week I started the FightMaster Yoga 90 Day Fix a free 90 day yoga playlist on Youtube. Lets just say there were moments when I was clinging on to child's pose for dear life dripping in sweat. Now theres a mental image for you. Whilst still suitable for beginners with some basic yoga experience I would say that this was much more challenging that the Yoga with Adriene videos I'm used to. I'm definitely up for the challenge though and will keep you updated with how I get on.

4. A few bits I've been loving lately in the photo. Craig surprised me with the new nail polishes after he saw me lusting after them after seeing Anna wearing the blue one in her last video. Revlon Colour Stay Gel Envy in Wild Card and Checkmate . The Superdrug Vitamin E Face mist has been an absolute god send in the heat we've been having in the UK in the last 2 weeks. Pop it in the fridge for even more of a cooling effect. Who remembers Mac Ladyblush? This cream blush was big news back in the day and was loved by many. I brought it back out from my collection and let me tell you I've worn nothing else for weeks. More on the make up front the Wake me up mascara from Rimmel smells like cucumbers and I'm not going to lie I really rather like it. The primer came free with a £10 spend and although I didn't have high hopes with this its turned out to be a really nice product. I can definitely see a difference in the longevity and smoothness of my make after using this. Finally I'm loving my new white leather camera strap. My camera came with a black strap which was a bit odd considering the camera is white. I posted on Twitter about this and the guys at Olympus very kindly sent me a white strap. I think it finishes the camera off perfectly and looks much nicer than the black one the camera originally came with.

5. How did I only just discover Julia's gorgeous blog Stylonylon? Julia is definitely this week's one to follow. She uses an Olympus Pen exclusively for her photos which gives me some serious inspiration to get to grips with my EPL7 and to purchase a couple more lenses. 45mm 1.8 I'm coming for you.

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  1. I can't get into Snapchat but I definitely see the appeal of using it for vlogging x

    Erin | Being Erin


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