Sunday, 19 July 2015

CenterParcs Whinfell Forest Photo Diary

A few weeks ago me, Craig and my closet friends packed up the car and set off on the 3 hour drive to the Lake District. We decided to book a 5 day stay at CenterParcs Whinfell Forest to hit the refresh button spending some time together and being at one with nature. 

As soon as we arrived I was blown away by the beautiful surroundings. The gravity of the place was awe inspiring and the lodge was gorgeous and really spacious.

After dropping off our luggage and unpacking our food shopping for the week we headed out to collect our bikes (tip: prebook your bikes to save time).

We spent the rest of our week exploring our surroundings and trying out a few of the different activities on offer. There is an endless list of things to do and I really do think that CentreParcs is best suited for families with children. Although I had a fantastic time I'm not sure I would go back again until I had a family. I think I personally would be more inclined to book an independent log cabin somewhere. That being said it is very handy having everything you need on site and as mentioned there are tonnes of things on offer to keep you entertained. Some of the things we did included badminton, swimming, rock climbing and adventure golf. Add to that lots of walking and cycling by the time we returned home I felt like I needed another holiday to recover! 
One of the things I loved the most was just being so immersed in nature in the beautiful forest. At times I felt like I was in The Animals of Farthing Wood. We saw so many red squirrels which I was thrilled about to say the least. CentreParcs is a red squirrel conservation area so you've got a very good chance of spotting one of these gorgeous little things. 
After an action packed week we set off on the drive home talking about our next adventure - but until then I'll leave you with a few snaps of our gorgeous surroundings at Whinfell Forest. 

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  1. I visited this place when I was little - I don't remember seeing so many red squirrels, they're adorable!
    Like you though, I visited when I was a bit older and I think it is much more suited for families with younger kids!

    Uncia and Tigris

  2. Omg squirrels, i love them =]

  3. SUCH gorgeous photos!!! Looks like you had a lovely time! :)


  4. Lovely pics, your blog is amazing! xx

    Ellie |

  5. Lovely post! :-) Great blog too, i hope you can check my blog out and let me know what you think? :-)


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