Sunday, 7 June 2015

Olympus Pen EPL7 & Rose and Brown Vintage Fair

Every few months Rose and Brown Vintage hold a vintage fair at Victoria Hall in Saltaire. Even before I moved here I'd been a few times and now its practically on my doorstep I hot footed it along yesterday with one of my besties. 
It was also the perfect opportunity to test out my new camera. This week I bought myself the Olympus Pen EPL 7. The chances are you've already heard of this camera as its really popular with bloggers at the moment. I originally heard about the Olympus Pen camera's back in 2010 when Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast fame had one. 
Although I love my DSLR its not always convenient for toting around, so a couple of years ago I bought a Panasonic GF5 which I also love. When paired with the 20mm f1.8 lens it's an absolutely dream combo. The thing is I've been itching for a camera with wifi for a while now and the Olympus seemed like a sensible choice as I can use my Panasonic lens with the Olympus body. 

So this week I took the plunge and bought myself one. I absolutely agonised over the decision because I was stuck between a few different cameras. Also side note is it just me but as I get older I find it harder and harder to part with money on expensive purchases? I need to really weigh it up and decide if its really REALLY worth it. Back in the day I'd spend my money on indulgent purchases without thinking twice! Lets just say those days are long gone. 
Anyway I digress here are some of the photos from the day. I walked up through the village and met my friend at one of my favourite spots for lunch - The Olive Lounge, a lovely little greek place that serves really delicious food at incredible prices. After a gorgeous meze platter we wandered down to Victoria Hall and feasted our eyes and all of the vintage delights.
When we'd finished looking at the treasures on show we strolled down to Rad Studio - a gorgeous little independent shop on Victoria Road and finished off a lovely afternoon with a cuppa at Salts Mill.

I'm really happy with how these photos turned out. Most were taken using the 14-42mm pancake kit lens that came with the camera and a couple were taken with my 20mm panasonic lens. 

What do you think of the quality?

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