Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Five Things

As I write this I'm laid up on the couch after a slip down the stairs. Thankfully nothing is broken but I've been left hobbling around with a very sore foot. Seeing as though I'm pretty much immobile at the moment I thought I would make the most of this time and share a little update blogpost with you all in the form of my Five Things.

1. Last month I wrote this blogpost telling you all about our decision to move to Saltaire. Well we've been here just over a month and I can safely say its the best thing we ever did. I absolutely love it here and I cant believe how apprehensive I was about the move. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few of the snaps I've taken around the village. We have such a better quality of life here and there is just so much to do. I've been toying with the idea of doing a blog series all about our new home and the best bits on offer if you every fancy a visit? Check out the view of that sunset from our apartment - no editing involved - it was absolutely breathtaking! 

2. Since the move my exercise and activity has increased ten fold! I've ditched the car and now commute to work by train. This involves much more walking than I'm used to - about 5 miles a day which was so hard at first. I've also joined the gym we have in our complex and I'm loving getting back into my routine. Its also so much easier now to get out on our bikes as we live right next to the canal and river - it is absolutely amazing just being able to go out for a ride after work.  

3. With all of this extra activity I've felt inspired to get my eating habits back in order. My diet hasn't been the best for the past couple of months and I'd like to lose a little bit of weight. I've developed some really bad habits like eating junk food every day. Biscuits and chocolate have become an every day occurrence and I've been trying really hard this week to make healthier choices. There seems to be a real shift at the moment in the food/diet industry with everyone moving towards eating natural un processed foods instead of going for fad diets. I ordered a few books this week with an Amazon voucher we had and I'm really enjoying them so far. I've wanted the Hemsley and Hemsley book since seeing the girls on Saturday Kitchen Live yonks ago and I'm excited to start giving some of the recipes a go. I made Madeleine Shaw's Chicken Salad on Saturday with cumin, lemon and toasted pine nuts and it was incredible!

4. We've been having amazing sunny weather in the UK at the moment so on Sunday we headed to one of my favourite places ever for lunch. Haworth is another real gem that I've blogged about before but I will dedicate a full blogpost to it soon. We enjoyed a chilled glass of fruity cider in Haworth Old Hall beer garden before wandering up the cobbled streets to Wharenui for lunch - a gorgeous little eatery that I would highly recommend. It wouldn't be a trip to Haworth without a pitstop to Rose and Co now would it? to my surprise my bestie bought me this adorable kitten make up bag and a little squirrel storage pot after she caught me eyeing them up in the shop. 

5. Last but not least I've been absolutely loving reading Carrie's blog lately - her photos are simply stunning, definitely one to follow. 

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