Thursday, 1 January 2015


Its become somewhat of a tradition that I welcome in the New Year on my blog so here I am once again reflecting on all that 2014 brought and looking forward to whats to come in 2015.

Looking back at my post last year I'm really happy that I managed tick off everything that I had hoped to achieve. I wanted to travel, continue my yoga, keep up my creative hobbies and learn to crochet better. I can safely say I well and truly fulfilled all of those things and more! 

2014 for me had its fair share of ups and downs. Its funny how we only tend to share the good stuff online not the bad because lets face it none of us like to shine a spotlight on our personal problems in such a public forum. Last year I faced some of my toughest moments, Craig found himself out of work and we had to survive on my income alone - I didn't share this at the time because the whole experience was absolutely awful for us both but within a couple of months he found another job, a much better job that he really enjoys. Still at the time it all felt pretty hopeless and the pressure at times was just too much. 
Then in September my Grandad passed away very suddenly which hit me hard - much harder than I could ever have imagined. I felt so robbed at the time and still do but I treasure the memories we made together.
Its the age old saying that we need the bad times to appreciate the good and although there were some lows in 2014 there were also some incredible highs. For me the highlight was our holiday to Mexico. This couldn't have come at a better time - we just made an impulse decision and went for it. It was the best thing we could have done because I was in a pretty dark place before we went and I genuinely came back a different person. 

2014 was also the year where I was offered a permanent position at work. After two and a half years of extremely hard work I managed to secure a role as Team Manager of the team that I started in as a Post Sorter. Proof that with enough hard work and dedication you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. There were times I thought it would never ever happen and I cannot tell you how happy I was when I received my contract. 
I also made peace with myself in 2014. Towards the back end of the year I made the decision to stop being so hard on myself, stop stressing so much, lighten up and be kind to myself. I will share more about this as I document my Happiness Project throughout the year but I spent so long berating myself for all the things I wasn't and couldn't do instead of focusing what I was and what I could do. This was quite a moment for me and is something that I intend to do more of in 2015.

So what do I hope to achieve in 2015? This year I want to carry on exactly as I am, enjoying all of the things I pursued this year and more. This year me and Craig are going to begin saving up for a deposit so we can buy our first home. It will probably take us 12 months maybe more of intense saving but its so exciting and theres no one in the world I would rather share the experience with than Craig. 
This year on my blog you can expect to see more recipes, home decor ideas, crafts, yoga and health posts - all things that I'm loving at the moment! I'm 27 in March and I started this blog when I was a student back in 2009. A lot has changed since then - I've changed since then and so have you. Its only fair to expect that the content around here will change and grow as I do. I'm also pretty active on Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram so if you don't already I would love it if you came over and said hello over there. 

I also intend on carrying on my yoga to the next level and enjoying every part of the process. Yoga for me is so much more than exercise, it's crucial for my wellbeing. I am going to be doing the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene which is an awesome way for you to get involved too and get all of the amazing benefits of Yoga!  

I have also invested in a Daily Greatness Journal. I have been looking for something like this for some time and although its a little on the pricey side it is totally worth it. 

This is an absolutely beautiful journal designed to be completed every day. Its somewhere to record your hopes, dreams and desires and guides you through the process to help you make those dreams a reality! This journal will not leave my side and I hope it will help me to achieve what I really want this year. To be the best version of me. Compassionate, kind, happy, healthy, loving, and generous. Here's to an amazing year. Happy New Year and thanks for sticking with me for all these years! 

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  1. Happy New Year Kelly. Loved this uplifting post. Here's to an awesome 2015 😘

  2. What a lovely post Smelly! I hope you have a great year and I will now go and stalk your Tumblr. xxx

  3. It sounds as though you're doing really well. I think 2014 was definitely a year of growth and change and I truly feel as though 2015 will be the year whereby we are all able to finally enjoy the fruits of our labour! At least I hope so! xx

    P.S. Your crochet creations make me want to learn this skill!

    Alix // Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  4. Happy New Year, I hope 2015 is kind to you. Trying Yoga is on my resolutions list for this year, so will be looking into the 30 days with Adrienne :)

  5. Happy new Year! Love your blog so far!!


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