Saturday, 11 October 2014

Adios Amigos

Well after what has been an incredibly difficult few weeks I'm delighted to say that tomorrow Craig and I are off on an adventure! We had both booked some time off work a couple of months ago with the intention of jetting off somewhere hot although we were undecided where we would go.

We were looking for somewhere that would have plenty of sunshine and originally toyed with the Canaries but decided to be daring and book something last minute. This is totally out of character for me being the control freak that I am I like to have everything planned and organised within an inch of its life. 

When my Grandad suddenly passed away last month my world was turned upside down and I cant deny at times I was in a pretty dark place. Emotionally and physically exhausted and drained I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I started working through things and moving forwards we decided that more than ever we needed to get away.

We took what we had saved, went straight to the travel agents and booked ourselves in for a 2 week stay at a 5 star All Inclusive hotel in Riveria Maya Mexico - a far cry from the week in Gran Canaria we originally had in mind. After everything thats happened recently we decided to just go all out and really treat ourselves.

Although I've been to Mexico once before I stayed in Cancun and unfortunately the hotel I stayed in wasn't that great and I ended up not very well. I decided not to let this put me off though and decided to try Riveria Maya instead and bump ourselves up to a 5 star resort.

I simply cannot wait to spend two whole weeks with Craig in Paradise - we have lots of adventures planned as well as lots of relaxation. This is our first holiday together and we are both so excited to be getting away. The last few weeks I've been reflecting on things and came to the realisation that ultimately we only have one life - live it. 

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