Tuesday, 12 August 2014

TK Maxx Treats

I totally forgot how much I love TK Maxx. Granted it can be a little bit hit and miss sometimes but I popped in on Saturday and found some lovely little bits. 

I went in with the sole aim of finding a glass jar to store my cotton pads in. Craig made a comment the other day that I have multiple half used packets of cotton pads littered across the bedroom and I realised he was right. Hell bent of having a Pinterest worthy storage solution we headed into town and after popping to the Post Office we made a beeline for TK Maxx. 

It was one of those days where you want everything you see. I'm happy to say I did manage to show some restraint and left with only a few pretty items. 

I found the rather lovely storage jar in amongst several other pretty jars and tins. Like I say I wanted everything I laid my eyes on so to say I only walked away with one jar is a minor miracle. 

Its the perfect size for my bedside table and offers a rather more elegant alternative to my half empty packets of cotton pads strewn across the dressing table. Oh and did I mention it was only £4.99?! An absolute bargain in my book.

The other bits and pieces I picked up are a lovely Neroli soap in a gorgeous bird tin as a little gift for Mum, the Cath Kidston HoneySuckle Hand Cream (which was half the retail price) and a darling little wicker basket for storing some of my wool in. 

The hand cream smells gorgeous and I plan on taking into work with me and keeping it on my desk. The basket is lined with a gorgeous floral pattern and has so many uses. They also had one lined with a strawberry fabric which I may have also had my eye on. 

Now I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I plan on making my nearest and dearest hampers filled with little trinkets and gifts for Christmas and I saw SO many gift ideas whilst I was in TK Maxx. These baskets would make the perfect sized basket lined with christmas fabric. I know I know its only August but I'm determined to be one of those organised people this year who knows what they're doing instead of panicking the week before Christmas. 

Do you love TK Maxx as much as I do? I cannot head back there until my next payday as I cant promise that I will show as much restraint next time. 

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  1. TK Maxx is great, but I never seem to find much most times due to stuff being everywhere.
    Love that little jar, bargain. :)


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