Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Favourites

I cant quite believe July has been and gone. I thought it would be good to kick of August with a round up of some of my favourite things from the past month.

We'll start with Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. This has replaced my Loreal Micellar Water. You get much more in this bottle (400ml) its gentle and affordable and removes my liquid eyeliner with ease. This is now my second bottle and I don't think I will be switching it up any time soon.

I picked this heavenly combo up after a long day at work. I'd been working all weekend so felt this purchase was absolutely justified. I popped into Boots with the intention of buying a new bubble bath. Sadly I couldnt find anthing I fancied. Refusing to leave empty handed I took advantage of the three for two offer Soap and Glory always seem to be running and picked up the Smoothie Breakfast Scrub and Body Buttercream. The Smoothie Star range smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves my skin feel super soft. Its a nice change from my usual Righteous Butter.

Its no secret that when it comes to eyeshadows I like them neutral. I saw this used in Victoria's YouTube tutorial a few months ago and wanted it ever since. I don't have many matte shadows in my collection so this is a welcome addition. Its a great little palette which is fab for every day use. Its also really small so fits in your make up bag with no problems. Theres nothing groundbreaking here but it is a nice palette to have in your collection.

I was absolutely over the moon when I saw Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Almond. This polish is basically the glossy version of Barry M Matte Polish in Vanilla. As soon as Vanilla came out I declared my love for the colour but just wished it wasn't matte! I took to wearing a gloss topcoat over it but who can be bothered with multiple layers of polish? I know I can't. When I saw this had been released I had to have it. Its such a wearable shade. I think its really chic and instantly makes me feel more put together. A colleague said to me recently "my hair and nails are two accessories I wear everyday - so they're two things I like to take care of" She's right, if your hair and nails are looking good you instantly feel more put together. This is what Barry M Almond does for me. One coat of this and I'm good to go.

I picked this up on a total whim in Zara a few weeks ago. It was on offer for around £5 which I thought was a total bargain. I bought this for my weekday perfume. I desperately need a new perfume and I've set my heart on Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush BUT I don't want to be squirting myself with that everyday for work. Zara Women Chocolate is doing the trick just fine. Initially when I sprayed this on the back of my hand I though "no" straight away, but as I went around some other shops I found myself constantly sniffing the back of my hand (ladies please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?) For me this is a definite sign that I like a perfume. As I say it is quite heavy on the chocolate to start with but once this wears off you are left with vanilla and amber which is really lovely. If you don't like the smell of coco butter then skip this one but I for one have really enjoyed using it. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long but for £5 I don't feel guilty about dousing myself every couple of hours.

I have wanted a Polar watch for so long. SO. LONG. I was absolutely thrilled when I came home from work and Craig had this surprise waiting for me. I joined the gym about a month ago and I've been really enjoying it. This nifty little gadget reads my heart rate whilst I'm working out and tells me at the end how many calories I've burnt. I'm obsessed with it and I find it really motivates me to push myself harder. This is the FT4 model and if you're interested you can get your hands on one on Amazon.

What have you been loving in July? 

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