Wednesday, 1 January 2014


First things first Happy New Year! Heres to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year for us all. 

I feel like is only right to welcome in the New Year on my blog. I do love all of the hope and endless possibility a New Year brings. A fresh start, the feeling that you can embark on new goals and challenges. Wipe the slate clean of the worries of the past year and go forward into the new year with a positive outlook and the idea that anything is possible.

I've seen a lot of people reflecting on 2013 and what it meant to them but I want to look forward to 2014 and share some of my goals with you. I'm not one for resolutions anymore but do like to think about the goals I'd like to achieve in the coming year. 

This year I would most certainly like to travel more and explore new places. I'd love to finally get to visit Paris for my birthday in March, and hopefully get a little sun in the summer. I've wanted to visit Greece for a while now and really hope that this is the year I finally get to see the real thing instead of  looking longingly at photos on tumblr. In an ideal world I would also love to go on a short winter break somewhere magical in December but lets keep this realistic ;)

Naturally this year I want to start taking better care of myself. Over the last few months other than yoga I have been doing very little in terms of activity. I want to make sure I'm looking after myself properly by eating well, stressing less, getting enough sleep, water and exercise. I also want to carry on with my yoga (something which I've found a real passion for) and continue to better myself and practice daily. Dancer pose I will own you! I've already made a start on all of these things after the excess of Christmas but want to make a real effort to commit to a few lifestyle changes. 

This year I want to continue pursuing creative hobbies that make me happy. I learnt to crochet at the tail end of last year and want to start a couple of little projects in the coming months. I also want to learn to knit eventually - theres just something very therapeutic and rewarding about the whole thing. I also want to make more time for other things I love such as playing the piano, reading, photography and blogging itself. I decided a while ago to stop putting myself under so much pressure to blog. I live an extremely busy life and often felt like my blog was getting left behind as I just didn't have enough time to post regularly. Gone are my student days where I could post multiple times a week. I often felt really guilty about this and put myself under unnecessary pressure. Trying to juggle everything is hard and I decided to let all of that go and just focus on blogging whenever I can about whatever takes my fancy. 

I have several other goals but these are the main things I want to work towards this year. The end of this month will mark Kelanjo's fifth blog anniversary - something which I'm incredibly proud of. Thanks for sticking with me and here's to the next five years. 

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