Sunday, 1 September 2013

Leeds Festival 2013

This time last week I was at Leeds Festival, caked in mud with a hole in my welly but having an amazing time. 

Leeds was only my second festival, last year I was lucky enough to go to Bestival with lots of other bloggers thanks to Echo Falls. I absolutely fell in love with it and vowed to go to another festival this year. Being a northerner - Leeds Fest is probably the biggest festival around here, so at the beginning of the year me, Craig, my brother and his best friend coughed up and bought some tickets.

Originally me and Craig planned on driving home each night from the festival. I'm not the biggest fan of camping I have to be honest and thought it would be easier to return home each night, but 2 days before I naturally decided I actually wanted to camp. Not just any camping though, oh no, Pink Moon Camping. 

Pink Moon Camping is glamping at its best. You arrive to the private campsite to find your tent already pitched, 24 hour security, you have access to hot showers, private toilets, hairdryers, straighteners and somewhere to charge your phone. Yes really. It was like a little oasis in the middle of the madness of the festival. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. There is something to suit all budgets, whether its a 2 man tent or an amazing yurt, I would highly recommend this type of camping if you want to go to a festival but aren't the camping type. The campsite was well laid out, quiet and peaceful. Naturally it is quite a walk away from the main arena but this is a small price to pay to have your own little piece of heaven.

Saturday was the day the rain came. We're talking torrential rain. Me and Craig got caught in the worst of it which was pretty horrendous and we ended up missing a few of the bands we wanted to see on Saturday. It could have been worse though, some people had actual rivers of mud flowing through their tents. The festival was left in what can only be described as a mud bath. There were huge lakes and pools of mud everywhere, and the ground was so difficult to walk on. I've never seen anything like it in my life.  

Despite the rain and mud I had an absolutely amazing weekend, my personal highlights were AlunaGeorge, Disclosure, Azealia Banks, The Lumineers, Chase and Status, Modestep, Redlight, and of course the man himself Eminem. Love him or hate him, he is the biggest selling rapper of all time and I have been listening to his music for over 13 years. I can honestly say it was a once in a lifetime experience for me and something I will never ever forget. When Dido came out to sing Stan I think I screamed so hard my mum heard me back in Bradford haha! I had an incredible time and can't wait to plan which festival I'm going to go to next year.

Things I learnt for next time:
- Take a proper camping stove and a frying pan
- Buy full length good quality wellies
- ALWAYS go glamping if possible
- Bacon, super noodles, pasta n sauce and beans are great foods to take
- A dab radio would come in handy
Which festival do you think I should try next? 

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  1. WOW! I didn't know the mud bath was that bad! Still looks like you had an amazing time though, I miss it!
    I think you'd really like V Festival, depending on the line up of course!

  2. Good lord, never seen mud like that at a festival! I've always been lucky with the weather but I'm worried about my short wellies for Bestival this weekend now... A camping stove is so essential though, have to have a proper cup of tea in the morning. There's a nice festival up north called Beacons which I've always wanted to try.

  3. This post makes me so sad! i was supposed to go to Leeds but due to circumstances I couldn't go! I adore festivals as well. If youre interested in Glamping and dont want to pay visit Festaff's website. I did T in the Park with them this year and had to work a total of 16hours and i missed no bands that I wanted to see and had a hot shower everyday and a free lunch it was amazing!

    I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick of the competition winners choice on my blog if you'd like to enter

  4. I've been to Leeds fest a fair few times and I've definitely seen it like that before! Thankfully we always camped on top of a hill, so we never got flooded! Although it makes walking around so much harder!

    There's a nice little festival near Skipton called Beatherder, so you might want to try that next? It rarely has any massive names playing, but there are often some fun little bands playing. It has more of a bestival feel to it as well with dances in the forest and big paper mache flowers everywhere. I really want to go next year :)

    I've also been tempted by Pink Moon camping, but the massive tipees! Pure luxury!


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