Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Shoes are Boring - Wear Sneakers

I know I'm not alone when I say I love Converse. I would never be without a pair of my trusty Chuck Taylor All Stars. Converse have recently launched a new campaign, Shoes are boring - wear Sneakers which I think really captures the spirit of the brand. Living for the moment, ditching the heels, throwing your converse on and heading round to your mates for some fun times. I think the campaign video sums this up perfectly.



  1. I just saw this ad campaign in Amsterdam and thought it was so appropriate for the brand. I absolutely adore my Converse!


  2. That's such a good video. I was a total converse virgin until about a month ago. I had no interest but then became really interested in the white chuck taylors like you have above and I do not regret buying them at all. They took a little adjusting too and I experienced the worst blisters in the world but now find them so comfy and practical! Best shoes in the world.
    Ellie x

  3. I love them but I have lost mine and can't part with the money at the moment - though I might invest in a mint green pair for the summer! <3 x


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