Sunday, 21 October 2012

Boots Hauling

This weekend I went to Boots to stock up on some essentials, and a few other bits and bobs for good measure.

My skincare of choice for some time has been Avene. It took a couple of years to find products that work well for me and now I've found them I remain fiercely loyal. Two things I never deviate from are my Extremely Gentle Cleanser and my Light Hydrating Cream (Rich Recovery Cream in the winter months) I still have some cleanser left but ran out of moisturiser so I hotfooted it to Boots to grab another bottle. They had a 3 for 2 offer on skincare so naturally I had to oblige.
Now this is a bit of a tangent, but I've been having lots of trouble with finding the right eye make up remover for me. I've used various oil based removers and most recently a Garnier Essentials one, but they all seem to give me tiny little milk spots around my eyes. For the last couple of weeks I've been removing my eye make up with wipes, and the milk spots have gone. However, wipes aren't the best thing for taking eye make up off with it, I don't mind it occasionally but they involve a lot of pulling around the eyes which I don't like.
Anyway I got the Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub and the Gentle Eye Make Up remover. I havn't tried the scrub yet but I have tried the eye make up remover. Upon first impressions, it's hard work. It felt like I had to use a lot of the product to remove my make up, and several cotton wool pads later I still didn't feel like it had removed all of my mascara. I will report back on this one, but so far, I don't think its the one for me.

Next up I bought some new shampoo and conditioner, which also happened to be on a 3 for 2. So I picked up a hair mask and thought I'd give that a whirl. I've not tried James Brown products before, I usually use the Label M Honey and Oat range, but I've ran out and needed something quickly. I opted for the Volume Boost range, everyone loves a bit of volume right?

Last but not least I thought I would try one of the new Barry M Gelly Nail Paints. There's only a very limited selection of shades available so I went for Pomegranate  This is extremely similar to my favourite Barry nail polish Raspberry  Its easy to apply, only needs one coat and gives a lovely finish. Please bring out more shades!

And thats it! If you have any tips on my eye make up remover dilemma please let me know in the comments :)


  1. I've used that shampoo (in a mini size) and I really like it! Make sure you do what it says and leave it in your hair for a bit before washing it out, it definitely makes a difference compared to just washing it straight out.

    For eye makeup, have you tried using a balmy cleanser?

  2. I've yet to find an amazing eye make up remover either. Although, Bioderma comes pretty darn close. It's not at all oily and takes off pretty much everything without irritating the eye area. The only thing is it's not easy to come by. xx

  3. I'm not sure if the milk spots you refer to are milia, but if they are they are little fat deposits around the under eyes. Very common and affected by diet, makeup and products. I found if I didnt remove makeup properly they I get more of them as the products build up. Also if your eye care items are too rich then they can cause a build up of fat. Normally people use a too heavy eye cream and slather it on. Just dot eye cream very lightly around the outer area of the socket- the skin will absorb what it needs from there. The area has very poor drainage so if you put eye makeup remover/creams/serums etc on then they dont drain away very well

    I use Bioderma H20 (on to a cotton pad and then leave on the eye area for 30-60 seconds which allows eye makeup to dissolve thus reducing the need for 'scrubbing'. As an oil based remover I use the botanics soothing eye makeup remover. Contains oil and other stuff. Shake the bottle to mix the two layers, put on pads and leave to soak liek the H2O method. Lis Eldrige has a good eye makeup removing technique hat the has put on a video. Cant remember the link but I know I posted it a while back- youtube will have it! :)

    Hope that helps! xx

  4. Ooooh I have not heard of these new Barry M nail polishes, do they have something special?

  5. Avène is such an amazing brand ! xx


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