Friday, 17 August 2012

Recent Beauty Buys

So I may have made one or two new purchases this month, a few old favourites and a few new loves. Without further ado..

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat.
What can I say, this foundation is simply wonderful. I've worn it religiously for 3 weeks and I can confirm that I am in love with it. It's a light to medium coverage, and gives a beautiful illuminating dewy look to the skin. It goes on like a dream and is so easy to blend. I find it works best when applied with a brush (I use the Sigma flat top kabuki brush for reference) I got colour matched to Beige Rose BR3O which is perfect (I'm NW 15) Would highly recommend.

Avene Light Hydrating Cream.
When it comes to skin care Avene can do no wrong. This must be coming up to my seventh or eighth repurchase. I've found what works for me and I'm sticking with it. This moisturiser is incredibly gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It's not greasy and sinks into the skin in no time. Winner.

Gucci by Gucci.
A firm favourite of mine. I've been without a bottle for a few months now so when I saw this handbag bottle with 4 refills in Debenhams I thought "sod it." Its a warm, feminine, sensual fragrance that lasts all day. It has top notes of guava and pear and base notes of musk and patchouli. Need I say anymore? When it comes to patchouli its game over. This perfume smells at its best when it's settled on the skin.

Topshop Pillow Talk Lipstick.
My first lipstick from Topshop and I have to say I'm not bowled over. It seems to "Goop" (thanks Arlene for giving me a word to use to describe when a lipstick settles) around the inners and corners of your mouth. It just looks unpleasant. It's also not very moisturising at all. Are all Topshop lipsticks like this?
Any other Topshop lipstick recommendations? Let me know if there's anything I'm missing out on!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover.
THIS MAKES ME CRINGE SO SO BAD! Honestly dipping my fingers into this and rubbing my nail against the cushion inside makes me cringe like never before. However it does work, it takes longer than a second though, more like 5 seconds but still its good if you're in a rush. Doesn't work for glitter polish though. Boo.

Essie Ballet Slippers.
This is everything I hoped Essie Fiji would be. Unlike its ugly sister, Ballet Slippers is a pretty, elegant nude. It's easy to apply, great for applying as a base coat, lasts for ages, and looks wicked with an accent glitter nail. Fiji in comparison is horrendous to apply, and looks like a chalky streaky mess on your nails, 3 coats and it still looked like milk of magnesia on my nails...Ballet slippers though is lovely. I'm thinking of getting Mademoiselle next but wondering if it's more or less the same?

Barry M Pink Silver Glitter.
Don't like this. As glitter polishes go this is boring. Probably won't use it again to be honest. If it aint holographic I ain't interested!

And I think that's everything, stay tuned for more posts this weekend :)



  1. OMG no, don't be put off. Pillow Talk is such a weird consistency, I wear Infared constantly and it's TOTALLY different. In the good way! Give Topshop lippies another chance! :)
    LOVE Gucci by Gucci and how clever is that handbag bottle?! WANT xxx

  2. I adore Essie and was going to get Fiji next - but am thinking of following your advice and going for Ballet Slipper instead. I picked up Limoscene a little while ago and it's just not opaque enough for me.
    Great post :) xx

  3. I really want to try that Avene cream! What shade are you in the YSL foundation? xx

  4. I really want Essie Ballet Slippers, I love off-white shades and that one looks lovely. It's a shame that Pillow Talk didn't work very well for you, I also wanted that shade but I'm not so sure now... I have the Brighton Rock and Innocence lipsticks from Topshop and I love them, I have no problems with them!

    Frances xx

  5. oh no shame about the barry m polish! just bought the bourjois thing today after putting it off for ages - shameful that is doesnt work on glitter polish! was the main reason i bought it haha! xx

  6. I love Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter! Essie's Ballet Slippers looks nice - Will have to look out for that.

  7. Thanks for this - I already have Ballet Slippers and was going to buy Fiji next but now I don't think I will!

  8. I agree... essie Fiji needs about 4 coats until it looks nice and then it takes forever to dry. Essie mademoiselle is like a french manicure colour you use over top of the white tips. Not much coverage just a well manicured subtle look.

  9. I love YSL Touche Eclat, I really want to try the foundation x

  10. I agree about Essie Fiji, an awful mess to apply, it doesn't look much better on the nail either!! I much prefer Ballet Slippers, definitely one of my faves <3 x

  11. Lol @"milk of magnesia", couldn't have said it better myself!

    Great purchases Kelly! :)



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