Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Get ready for Valentines Day!

Approaching Valentine’s Day, women tend to have a number of things to think about concerning how they want to present themselves to their husbands or boyfriends. For the men in our lives, things are often more simple – a man might simply be able to get away with a quick trip to Marks & Spencer for a nice jewellery gift and a bouquet of flowers, before taking his girlfriend or wife on a romantic date. But most women enjoy dressing up and making that extra special effort, in order to help make the evening a special occasion. This process can be a bit of a task, as you worry about your outfit, your makeup, your perfume, etc. – but it can also be very romantic and fun, as it is an opportunity to dress up in a way designed purely to make you appeal to your significant other. So, without further ado, here are some tips in advance of this year’s Valentine’s Day next month.

First, try to get a feel for what kind of date you will be going on. Often, this is something that the man will decide, and it is fairly common for the specific venue or type of date to be a surprise. However, if you have at least some idea in advance of whether your date will be formal or casual, at home or elsewhere – even inside or out – you will have a better idea of how you can dress for it.

Try to play into the Valentine’s Day theme a bit, even if it goes against your usual style – this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a red ribbon in your hair and dangle heart-shaped jewellery all over yourself. However, even if red and pink aren’t your usual colours, including a little bit of a traditional Valentine’s Day style can help you to strike a romantic tone with your appearance.

Pay attention to detail – even if you’re the kind of girl who usually doesn’t go too far with lip glosses or nail polishes, etc., a little bit extra will show your man that you went to a lot of effort to look the part for your Valentine’s Day date. You don’t want to be excessive, but it certainly can’t hurt to do a bit extra.

Finally, one thing that a lot of women enjoy when it comes to Valentine’s Day fashion and style is unique perfume. Again, this can quickly become excessive if not used correctly, but if there is any night during the year to appeal to your man’s sense of scent, it’s Valentine’s Day. The right perfume can enhance your overall appeal in almost mysterious ways, and can really help you to make a romantic gesture for your date.

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  1. i love the color pallet you used in this post all pastel pinks :)
    and what a gorgeous lipstickk!! and love the polish too! :)


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