Friday, 9 December 2011

Share the Love!

So sorry for the lack of blogposts this week, the amount of hours I've been working is insane! I currently look like the above picture most of the time so outfit posts have been a no no this week. I do however have a bit of free time this weekend so I can't wait to upload a couple of posts to share with you all. We've introduced a new free membership option over on Lola Lola so everyone can be involved. We've got lots of giveaways up on the Love page for free members so if you havn't already its worth checking out. You can find out more here >>
I'll do a more in depth post/video about Lola Lola and the new changes as soon as I can, but after working so hard all week I'd like to write about something different this weekend like my new favourite foundation, book and lots more. More tomorrow :) xxx


  1. well, don't forget to rest a little too! haha :) xx

  2. Great to hear. Can I ask what nail polish you've got on please? It looks lovely!

  3. second the nail polish request! xx


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