Sunday, 13 November 2011

Loving & Hating

I was reading Arlenes Blog earlier, and I realised how much I used to LOVE doing In/out Loving/Hating Hot/Not Blogposts! I haven't done one forever so thought it was time they made a comeback on my blog.


My new bag. I got this from Topshop today and I really love it. Its not for everyone but I wanted it as soon as I saw it, so naturally I listened to my instincts and purchased it straight away haha. It's got one of those little faux fur tails that are everywhere at the moment. Also I don't own any furry bags at all which in my mind totally justifies buying it!

My silly slippers. I also got these in Topshop, I've been wanting to get some of these slipper shoe loafer affairs for ages now but never knew whether or not they were actual slippers or shoe slippers. I can confirm that they are in fact shoes, that look and feel like slippers. Once again not for everyone, but I think they are super cute, and they are SO comfy! I've ordered some more in a different style so I'll upload some pics when they arrive.

Freebie Nails Inc Polishes with Glamour. I've got Basil Street and Tate. I'm wearing Basil Street at the moment which is a fleshy nude colour which is quite nice. I've still got to try Tate but everyone loves a freebie don't they? :)

I finished A Discovery of Witches this week. Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend, got a few books lined up but not sure what to read next. Will let you know when I decide!

I've downloaded a couple of new Apps this week for my iPad, Brushes and Inspire Pro Paint and Sketch. Apparently David Hockney uses Brushes, and some of the examples of art thats been done using the apps is amazing! Would highly recommend if you like doodling.

Today's song is Levels by Avicii which is my favourite version of this tune, Flo Rida is also bringing a version of this out and its called "Good Feeling" which is also pretty awesome. (see video below)


Loreal True Match Foundation. Bought this on a complete whim in the supermarket. My skin is in such a state after wearing this for a couple of days. The foundation itself just sits on top of the skin and slides around, and I've broken out quite badly. Not for me unfortunately.

Our broken boiler. Why is it boilers always break in winter? We're without heating and hot water until the boiler gets fixed at some point of this week. Not impressed!

Charles Worthington dry shampoo. It left me with seriously grey hair that didn't show up until outside of the house, resulting in me looking absolutely ridiculous. Nuff said.

I've ordered a few different bits and bobs that should be arriving this week, and I've got lots to blog about so stay tuned :) I'm also thinking about redoing my ombre this week so will try and do a step by step guide. Here's a couple of random photos I needed to use up. Happy Sunday.



  1. Awww thanks for the shout out missis :D Love you loads!! How rubbish is True Match? My skin is A MESS after using it, wasn't bloody cheap either! Ragin'!!
    Loving your bag and slipper shoes. Beyond cute :) xxxx

  2. I like your new shoes :) I bought some news shoes (and blogged about them yesterday) Loving them. Hating that it gets dark so early :( Hope the boiler gets fixed soon- I've been there so I know your pain. It's horrible xx

  3. Love everything about this post. Your blog is seriously one of my favourites! One i check back to on a daily basis and never miss a post! I just want to be you Miss Kelly haha!

    Absolutely loving the Topshop slippers and bag darling! Fab purchases!


  4. Ooh I have the nails inc polish in basil street, its a lovely colour. I love the bag too!:)x

  5. This tutorial might be of interest if you're dabbling with ombre again

    Amy x

  6. I had a little feel of that bag today, it's so cute. A Topshop has just opened up a 5 minute walk from my house - so much temptation literally on my doorstep!

  7. Oh my gosh, those heart slippers are adorable!

  8. Love the last picture with the stars! Cute!

  9. i love these kinds of posts, some of my favourite to read :D

  10. I want to hug your bag, haha. Those slippers are so cute too :)

  11. Tate is a beautiful deep red! I find I have to apply about 3 coats but thats because I'm a little neat freak and love it looking super slick! At £2 per pot, I'm definitely going to purchase a couple more, I bought Tate for £11 before I realised it was on sale in Glamour, duh! x


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