Friday, 18 November 2011

Holidays are Coming

Can't believe I actually saw a real Coca Cola Christmas Truck in Morrisons Car Park of all places! Just thought I'd share this and a couple of outfit photos before I head out to see Breaking Dawn at the Cinema WOOHOO! *slightly overexcited* More tomorrow xx

Outfit Details.
Swallow Print Top: AX Paris
Jeans: Zara
Cardigan: Sainsburys TU
Furry Bag: Topshop



  1. these photos look great!
    and the truck is just wow!

  2. That is awesome!! :) Nothing better to put you in that christmas spirit mood!! :D <3

    Btw I LOVE your swallow top!!

  3. haha, love it! Have a fun time at the cinema x

  4. Gosh that's amazing, the Coca Cola truck is such a great blogger photo op ;) Hope you enjoyed Breaking Dawn, I've not even worked out when to see it for myself. You look beautiful as ever in your photos Kelly! xx

  5. I'm so jealous that you saw the coca cola trucks!!! I would love to see them 'in real life'. I think that they are beautiful and always remind me of christmas. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn on Tuesday and i can't wait!

  6. The lorry was on Briggate in Leeds today, rather gutted I missed it I was only round the corner :( xo

  7. I love the X-MAS hollidays!!!!!!!♥ You look so nice in that bird print blouse!!!


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