Saturday, 19 November 2011

Feta and Mint Filo Pastry Parcels

So yesterday I decided to have a go at making some Feta & Mint Filo Parcels after having them at a Tapas restaurant a few months ago. Let me tell you they were absolutely divine and relatively easy to make. Would highly recommend if you fancy trying something new. I served them with a simple mixed leave salad with balsamic dressing. So good. I found the recipe here. Next up I'm trying something with Wensleydale or Lancashire Cheese. Enjoy!

For the wrapping:
225g/½lb filo pastry
60g/2 oz butter OR 3 tbsp oil, OR half of each *I used butter*
For the filling:
300g spinach *I only used 150g of baby spinach*
4 spring onions chopped
125g/4oz cottage cheese
125g/4oz Wensleydale or feta cheese
few chopped mint leaves
black pepper *I used white pepper as that's what I prefer*
  1. Wash the spinach well and steam briefly
  2. Crumble or grate the Wensleydale/feta into a bowl containing the spring onions and cottage cheese.
  3. Squeeze the excess liquid out of the spinach and chop it up.
  4. Add it to the cheese mixture, add the herbs and pepper and  mix to a paste. Season to taste.
To wrap the pastries:
  1. Melt the butter. Put the oil and/or melted fat into a small bowl with a pastry brush.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut the pastry into strips about 3" X 10" and cover with clingfilm.
  3. Lightly grease a baking tray. Turn oven to 180°C, 375°F, Gas 5.
  4. Take one strip of filo and brush it with melted fat. Put a small teaspoon of filling at one end and roll up, or fold over into a triangle shape.
  5. Put the pastries on baking sheet, brush tops lightly with melted butter/oil. Bake in pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown.



  1. Wow, they look so yummy! I'm definitely going to have to try these out! :) xx

  2. They look delicious! I adore feta so I may have to try these out soon :)

  3. They look scrummy! I'm on the lookout for foods to make for an upcoming buffet so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on your posts!

  4. They look delish! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. those look delish! I'll be trying those out soon, for sure! :)

  6. Wow these look great! I'm so going to make these x x

  7. They look amazing! Looking at the picture is making my mouth water haha! Might have to whip the old oven gloves out! xxx


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