Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuna and Feta Salad

So when I'm watching what I eat, this is one of my favourite go to salads. If you were wondering why I'm eating tuna when I decided to go veggie a couple of months ago it's because being a full vegetarian isn't for me. I felt tired alot and found I was eating cheese with every other meal. I still avoid meat the majority of the time and try to only eat organic locally sourced meat when I do eat it.
Anyway, this salad is really easy to put together and its seriously tasty.
All you need to do is get some mixed salad leaves, add some chopped cucumber and spring onion, about a third of a can of tuna in springwater (drained) add some cubed feta cheese, a few croutons and your preferred salad dressing, et voila!
I like the Jamie Oliver Salad in a yellow packet, it's usually on offer for £1 and you get a gorgeous cucumber dressing with it.

In other news my MacBook is broken again. Luckily I have apple care but this is the third repair in less than 12 months. Not cool. Its getting fixed now so I'm blogging from my iPad. Dad bought me a nifty iPad camera adapter kit so I can still get my photos uploaded and blog. If anyone's interested I'm using the Blogpress app after Nicola recommended it to me. Don't use Blogger it's the pits!

Edit: I had major problems with the upload and resizing of images doing this post. Do any of you know of any apps I can use to resize my photos on the ipad before I upload them to my blog? Why is nothing ever easy eh?!


  1. I've searched for some and I don't think it's possible. I had my laptop in for repair for 2 1/2 months and I really missed being able to edit photo's as it seems most use flash which we don't have.

  2. well i know what im having for my lunch tomorrow! this looks FIT!! hope you do more 'foody' posts! :) xx

  3. That salad looks lovely. Technology can be a nightmare sometimes, so frustrating!

  4. That looks so good - lunch is sorted for me tomorrow!

  5. salad looks lovely, i have a serious love of feta :D

  6. That salad looks yummy! I have croutons in my cupboard but always forget to put them with salad!

  7. That salad looks amazing even though I dont like tuna? Definately the inspiration to stick to healthy eating I need. Putting the dominos menu down.... x


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