Sunday, 23 October 2011

Looking over your shoulder girl

I am absolutely in love with everything in this post. You will notice a leopard print theme emerging lately. Paired with black I think you can get away with it. This blouse from New Look is lovely on, really glad I picked up up. On Saturday night we went looking for shooting stars - apparently theres meant to be a lot of them around this week, and then we set off a chinese lantern. It was the perfect opportunity to whip out my new hat from River Island. I love it even though I know I really shouldn't. I feel a little bit like a five year old with it on but who cares!? Its cute, fun, and keeps me warm. AND its grey leopard print! I also went a bit mad on the fur theme (in my defence it was really cold) and wore my gorgeous fur coat from Topshop. I bought mine last year but I do believe they have brought them out again this winter. (Will try and find a link for you) I also bought some AMAZING boots yesterday. But more of that tomorrow. Happy Sunday :)

Todays song is by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and its called Garden.

Outfit Details. (Links included)
Leopard Print Blouse: New Look
Shorts: River Island
Loafers: River Island
Fur Coat: Can only find a link to a cream one,, mines like a champagne colour but thought I'd include it anyway >> Topshop
Ridiculous Grey Leopard Print Hat: River Island
Watch: Next (Very Old)
Leaf Ring: Topshop (Old)
Nails: Barry M Mushroom
Perfume: Marc Jacobs Lola


  1. I love the hat! And you're looking beautiful as always, very jealous xx

  2. I have the same ring as in the top pics and i love it xxxx

  3. Not gonna lie, I thought you were wearing a dressing gown! Cos of that hat! Now I look at it again I see that it is in fact a hat and coat LOLZ!!
    You look stunning missy, really happy and healthy <3 xxx

  4. Very pretty, reminds me of the film 'where the wild things are' in a way..

  5. ah love, you look great - you always manage to style yourself up really well, everytime I see your posts I always add something to my own list of things to buy (and dang that list has just got even longer)


  6. You look gorgeous Smells. Love that hat too! :)

  7. You look incredible! Are you still going running regularly? It'd be nice for an update on your progress (I started running about the same time as you, and I keep trying to look for excuses to not go now it's getting chilly!)

    Alice x

  8. Oh my lord, you look incredibly cute!! I want that hood haha x

  9. you look amazing, love the watch :D

  10. says: beautiful! I love the watch especially and the bear hoodie is adorable great combination!


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