Monday, 24 October 2011

Lola Lola

So as many of you know I have been working on a project called Lola Lola for quite some time now. I mentioned last week that the website is now live and I thought it was time to share with you what Lola Lola is all about as I've been asked lots of questions about it.

Officially Lola Lola is an online members only community catering for Bloggers and Social Media fans alike; similar to an online magazine, giving members the opportunity to enter several prize draws for the chance to win high end luxury items such as designer handbags including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu, and also iphones, ipads, digital camera, laptops, cosmetics and beauty products and much more. Members can also attend exclusive events, read blogposts from your favourite Bloggers, and be part of a fun and friendly community.

Lola Lola truly believes that everyone deserves to have nice things in their life. We provide free weekly prize draws giving away high end designer goods to our members. We also run free daily prize draws on the website, as well as running Twitter and Facebook prize draws too. In addition to this we also send our members random surprise gifts delivered straight to their door!

As well as all of this we host a large range of fun and exciting events for our members all over the country. From spa breaks, trips to theme parks, themed events, and just general get togethers with champagne and cupcakes, we provide members of Lola Lola the chance to meet fellow bloggers and club members in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our main concept and tag line is “Share the Love” because ultimately that is what Lola Lola is all about. Its not all about the amazing giveaways and events, its more about the community. We have an amazing forum, and just this morning we launched our live chat feature for members. All of our members are fun, friendly, and really understand the meaning of Share the Love.

When I started this adventure back in May this year with my brother John and our friend Adam we had no idea of the response we would receive. During the development stage we worked extensively on Facebook and Twitter whilst the website was built. We have received an amazing response, with over 2 million post views on Facebook and almost 6000 fans. Some of the fan images we have received through Facebook have been absolutely brilliant, so I thought I'd share a few with you all.

At the moment you can sign up to Lola Lola for £2.99 per month if you register before the 7th November. If you register after then it will be £4.99 per month. We thought that this was a fair affordable price that most people would be able to afford. Even if you aren't a member there are certain areas on the site you can access, but to gain access to everything you have to be logged in as a member. Also it doesn't matter where you are from because Lola Lola Shares the Love worldwide!

So there you have it, an in depth post covering everything that Lola Lola does as so many people have asked about it. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and of course our Website.


Last but not least we are always on the look out for bloggers to feature on the Lola Lola blog as guest bloggers and to work with us in a variety of different ways. If any of you would be interested in this let me know in the comments and leave me your email address and one of the Team will be in touch with you.

Ps: At the moment the site is themed for Halloween, don't be alarmed it doesn't always have pumpkins all over the place ;)

Share the Love. xxx


  1. LOVE Lola Lola. Such a good idea. If you need a guest blogger, would be thrilled to contribute.

    Kathrine x

  2. that sounds amazing and fun!! is it open to Non UK residents? i live in the USA and i was wondering if i could register..

    PS: love lola lola :)

  3. Hi illy, yep Lola Lola is available world wide!We have members from all over the world! :) xx

  4. Hi,, I would love to join in.. my email address is

    Congratulations hun... hope it doesnt fantastically well which im sure it will :)

    Lauren x

  5. Those fan pictures are fantastic! Glad it's all going well, best of luck with this new venture. It sounds brilliant! x

  6. This sounds fantastic - will definitely be signing up. With regards to the guest blogging (which I would LOVE to do) just a quick question: does it matter how established you are as a blogger? I've only just recently started blogging again so I'm starting from scratch. My email address is xx

  7. I signed up to the site as soon as I saw it go live, you've had me intrigued with it for weeks before hand lol
    I'd LOVE to contribute to the LolaLola website - my email is

  8. This sound really cool. Look forward to signing up.

  9. Hey - I would love to be a guest blogger xx


  10. I'm um-ing and ah-ing about if I should sign up....
    I last signed upto a forum when I was 15 and find noone was friendly and it was abit of a popularity contest! Nooooot good ! I'll sleep on it !


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