Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Summary

How are we all enjoying this bank holiday monday? This post is mainly about my current diet and fitness choices. I've been getting lots of comments that I look much better in myself and that I look to have lost weight. Thank you so much for these lovely comments, they really make my day and motivate me to keep it up. I have lost weight (almost a stone) and I'm really enjoying life at the moment.

Thought I'd include this pic as I'm wearing blue on my water line for the first time in forever!

1. I've decided to give vegetarianism a go. I've been veggie on and off since I was around 8 years old but never fully committed. I've based this decision on educating myself more about what I'm eating and reading and watching various documentaries about the conditions of slaughter houses, the cruel and inhumane practices which animals are subject to, and the amount of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones that are pumped into them. I'm not going to start preaching or justifying myself, and it may not even last but at least for now I'm avoiding meat and enjoying my new lifestyle.

2. In addition to this for a while now I've been eating more and more organic produce. I've been going to my local farm shop where everything is grown locally and is completely organic. I know there's conflicting research regarding whether organic is actually better, but I have been doing this mainly from the standpoint of less chemical toxins, no genetic modification, and it benefits my local farmers.

3. A bit of a downer is the injuries I've picked up from running. Its not looking good for my half marathon. If you follow me on Twitter you will already know about a month ago I picked up a nasty back injury after a 4 mile run. I damaged the large muscle at the right of my spine and have subsequently picked up a rather painful knee injury. There is very little I can do but rest, pretty much all exercise is off limits - which is absolutely killing me. I love working out but everything I try results in me being in pain for a few days. As soon as I physically can, I'll be training again, but until then its just lots of rest.

4. I'm trying to impose a spending ban on myself. This is proving EXTREMELY difficult. I'm saving up for something special, and trying to sell some of the things I don't use anymore. When I was going through everything I dont use and was thinking about selling, I felt ridiculous and more than a little self indulgent.. Not cool. So much money wasted. From now on I'm going to really think about buying something before I just go in all guns blazing and buying useless crap that I'll end up selling in the future.

5. If you recommend any good vegetarian books, resources, recipes, websites anything at all I would be extremely grateful.


  1. Love the photos of produce, so colourful and yummy!

    We eat a predominantly vegie diet. My 6yr old is a fully fledged vegetarian and I'm what I would describe as a slack vegie {although I was much stricter before I had children}. There are a few of my favourite vegie recipes on my blog but I really recommend the 2nd Leon cookbook. It's not strictly a vegie recipe book but the emphasis is defintely on meat free meals and the recipes it does contain are delicious. Lots of beans and pulses which I love {cheap to eat too, so they'd help with the saving!}.

    Loveaudrey xXx

  2. you look really stunning in you picturs, I also have changed my diet due to a gluten intolerance that I have developed over time.Finding it a little taff as i miss my old friend bread a lot. Good to here that you doing so well with your new diet!!

  3. LOL my boyfriend ALWAYS says that about "smile it might never happen" :P

    The veggies look SOOO yum! I hope your injury gets better and that your spending ban goes well! I know what you mean about feeling self-indulgent, it's not nice :/ But not much you can do now but learn from it! :) Good luck!

  4. i've also been trying to spend less and less and i haven't been really buying a lot of stuff lately. i've been shopping my stash and finding some old gems so it's kept me busy and also made me feel a bit guilty, i just have SOOOO much, i'm not buying a lipstick until i finish 10 of the ones i currently have!

  5. Hey Kelly I just want to wish you luck on your veggie journey I have been a veggie for over 15 years now and would never go back x I like the Linda MacCartney veggie books, anything by Rose Elliot, and anything by Sarah Brown pretty old school but good vegetarian staples x

  6. You look stunning, so healthy and pretty. The look no make up can really give you:)

    I´ve been a veggie for about 7 years and I can honestly say going vegetarian was the best decision I´ve ever made. As for the diet itself, I think that a lot of new veggies tend to overestimate and overthink what they need to eat and how. I, on the other hand, always found vegetarianism being the easiest and most natural way to eat. I think the one and only rule that there is to follow is to make sure your diet is varied. I know a lot of veggies that basically think that there´t nothing else for them to eat but raw vegetables, which is so misleading and wrong. There´s so many lovely things out there (say tofu, chickpeas, soya, tempeh, all sorts of cereals such as bulgur, buckwheat, millet, not even mentioning all the seasonal vegetables - aubergines, pumpkins, butternut squashes, parsnisps...)!
    I never really followed any websites or books but have a lot of recipes that I use on a regular basis sort of in my head. Drop me a message if you happen to run out of inspiration for quick and easy things to cook:) x

  7. I've turned vegetarian when I was 13 and I am now 28. I was a very strict vegetarian for years, but I'm not a true vegetarian these days because over the last two years I have started to eat sustainable fish as a treat. I think you can have a really interesting and varied diet and I have almost converted my fiance who is the son of a farmer! He has chosen not to eat meat in the house (really it's his choice I have no problem with him eating it at all) and he even orders vegetarian curries and pizzas whenever we got out. My favourite thing to cook at the minute is Jamie Olivers Butternut Squash, chick pea and spinach curry from his 30 minute book. It is sooo satisfying and filling. x

  8. very inspiring Kelly, would love to know what kind of recipes your working with veggie wise.

    the blue liner - goodness, absolutely gorgeous.

    and love the saving mantra, you just seem so content and focussed at the moment, love it!

    a x

  9. The Omnivore's Dilemma is a fantastic book - just a really interesting read. I've recently cut back on meat as well and MAN does it make a difference to generally just feeling a lot better! You look fab btw! What is your skincare regime these days? Having major clear-face envy! :)

  10. I love veggie food the most...occasionally i eat tuna or turkey but anything else - i feel weird about it. for this reason i have never had a steak - which always shocks people :) maybe I should join you on this? Quorn and veggies make me very happy :) (Plus have watched some horrendous videos on YouTube about battery farming that have stayed with me since....I should really do this...we shall discuss over text!)

  11. OMG those pictures make me so hungry, but they actually make me want to eat vegetables - they look so tasty x

  12. im not a veggie but i dont need meat in a meal and i dont eat meat everyday i just eat whatever that meal for the day is, it doesnt really bother me either way. i think whatever works for you, veggie/non-veggie as long as you are happy and healthy. you are looking lovely :D

  13. Lovely pictures, I knew you'd lost weight! Keep us posted on your Veggie journey, I could never give up meat but really admire people that do. I couldn't give up me bacon butties! ;p x

  14. You really do look so great! I'm so sorry you've injured yourself running and really hope you feel better soon, I love reading your running posts - I've just started running and it's so tough but worth it.

    I've been a vegetarian for 9 years now and there is so much yummy food out there to try :)

    I usually just look online for recipes - this one for Moroccan sweet potato stew is simple, healthy, filling and really delicious.

    I'm in love with Tofu, it took me a while to learn to prepare it perfectly but it is so worth it because it tastes delicious in salads and Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes. :)

    Oh, also not sure if this would really apply to you at all but I have a tendency to overload on carbs and it is a bit harder to eat a high protein diet being a veggie. I got loads of good ideas from Rose Elliot's The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet Book. I would never be able to stick to this entirely but some of the recipes are good, for example, cauliflower rice tastes just like normal rice.



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