Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Summary

Monday Summary's are back in effect! So without further ado:

1. I placed a cheeky Topshop order this evening. Can't wait for it to arrive. Will update as soon as its here. Also curled my hair with the conical wand today which was a nice change as I havn't done it for a while.

2. I helped my mum and dad get away for a holiday this week. It's the first time they've ever been away together for more than a couple of days in the whole 25 years they've been together. So I'm really pleased that I managed to help to sort it out for them.

3. I picked up a lovely white watch from Argos by "Identity" and it was only £9.99. I loved my other white Chanel inspired watch by Sekonda but I've lost it somewhere so this was a good replacement.

4. Went to see some live music at the pub with some friends on Friday night and then for pizza with the family on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here's a little video I recorded at the pub on Friday...

5. One to follow: My beautiful friend Mori at Slightly Scented.

Outfit Details:
Blazer Topshop
Tee Topshop
Jeggings Zara
Loafers River Island
Mish Mash of Bracelets
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Owl Ring New Look

ps. The handcuff necklace in my previous post is from Topshop in the Trafford Centre and cost £6.50. Thought I'd mention it as lots of people have asked about it.


  1. Love your ring and gold watch, they are gorgeous! you wear such lovely stuff xx

  2. you look like you have lost some weight. Looking good!!

  3. Followed your lead and got the handcuff necklace from Topshop in Meadowhall.
    Still eyeing up those shoes!

  4. you look lovely with curly hair, plus the pizza looks tasty :D

  5. Lady, I'm envious of your hair in the last pic. It's giving you an angelic halo effect..! :)

  6. Your hair looks really great curly! x x


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