Thursday, 25 August 2011

Life I love you, All is groovy..

Some of you may remember I won the Warehouse WareStyle Treats a few weeks ago. If you're not aware I basically received a LOT and I mean a lot of clothes from them because I was having a bad day and they wanted to cheer me up. The gave followers on their Twitter and Facebook profiles treats every day for a month and I was lucky enough to be chosen! Anyway to cut a long story short some of the things I received didn't fit well or just didn't look right on me, and they were kind enough to let me go to to my local store and swap them. There was nearly £500 of clothes in total that I could swap - cue me in a supermarket sweep type episode in Warehouse the other night. Isn't that just the most perfect situation? I thought so! Anyway I'll be sharing with you all the things I chose over the next few outfit posts and will also be doing a HUGE haul video showing them all! I absolutely love this dress, super flattering and feels lovely on. I also found my camera lead. Major smiley face!

Dress - Warehouse
Belt - New Look
Bag - Warehouse
Loafers River Island
Bracelet - next
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors


  1. You are so lucky!! Well done :) Can't wait to see all your new clothes, I bet you were like a kid in a candy shop :) xxx

  2. Lucky you!! Wish I could go on a warehouse spender that would sort my winter wardrobe right out.

  3. Gorgeous dress!! I'm SOOO envious of you for winning that!!


  4. Ooh I've been eyeing up this dress online - it looks lovely! Can't wait to see everything else you got :) x

  5. I love the detail on that dress, its so pretty.
    Cant wait to see the haul x

  6. i love the detailing on the dress, looks lovely :D

  7. love the dress, especially the detailing. also loving your loafers! x

  8. ohh love this dress so pretty, looking great Kelly and your bag is lovely, very Anya Hindmarch xx

  9. I've been reading your blog for quite a while and everytime I ask myself one thing:

    How do you add the youtube music bar thing to your blog? I've tried it but all I managed to do is put the whole video into the blogpost. But that's not what I'm going for..

    You look lovely in these pictures by the way, very healthy and beautiful!
    x Michelle

  10. Thanks everyone! <3 xxx

    Michelle you need to edit the embed code, change the width to fit the width of your centre column - mine is 800 and change the height to 24.

    Hope that helps xxx

  11. Thank you so much! :D It works :D haha i'm so happy now! xx

  12. I love these posts Kelly - Warehouse have sent you some beauties huh?! Good going, it's cheered me up just reading about this.

    Katie x


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