Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dear I fear we're facing a problem...

So sorry for the lack of blogging action this week, I have been seriously busy and suffering from a really bad back. I have got so many blog posts I want to get up this week, lets see if we can bang one out a day?

This outfit is made up of favourites...

New favourite blazer (nicest blazer I've ever owned) Topshop
Favourite Tee of the moment (Dont be Jel) River Island
Favourite shorts of all time Tophsop
Favourite bag of all time Balenciaga
Jewelry a combo of Thomas Sabo, Alexander McQueen and Topshop


  1. i love that t-shirt.

  2. Love the don't be jel t-shirt!

  3. I really love how creative you are with styling! (:

  4. you look amazing but your hair is out of this world in these pics, im loving the ombre, it just looks so relaxed and natural <3 love :D

  5. Love the second shot! :) Your hair is looking lovely x

  6. You look gorgeous in these photos Kelly - not sure exactly what it is but you look so happy and content! The t-shirt is amazing too! xx

  7. I cant obey your t-shirt.. your hair is just gorgeous! I am SO JEL! :) xx

  8. Love this outfit and really like all of your jewellery.

  9. Love that T-shirt Kelly! So perfect hahaha (: Love the rings as well. xxx

  10. You look so pretty, love you hair xxx

  11. ahahah i saw a tshirt like that in internacionale which said "don't be jel, be reem"
    if it wasnt £10 i wouldve bought it.
    i have a jacket exactly like that from new look but i never really wear it. might whip it out! x


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