Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bit of this and that

Sorry for the lack of post's this week guys. I wasn't very well on Monday and Tuesday and just didn't get chance last night. My second Running Diaries post will be up tomorrow for all of you who enjoy those posts.

I went out and bought a few magazines tonight, and a couple of them had freebies! Cosmo has a free nail polish and Marie Claire has a free Lip Gloss. I wouldn't normally buy Marie Claire but I'm a big fan of Audrey Tautou so had to bag this month's issue.

I also whipped out my beloved Speedy bag yesterday. I don't use this bag often but it has a very special place in my heart. It was the first designer handbag I ever got, and despite the amount of fakes and how overdone some people think it is, I still love it. I wanted it for so long and I remember waking up that Christmas morning a few years ago and being so unbelievably happy. So yeah, if you hadn't guessed I love this bag haha! I can never not be over dramatic when it comes to handbags.

I also grabbed these shoes this week in the River Island sale. I was going to buy them at full price (almost £50) but couldn't justify it. So when I saw them reduced to £15 I was like JACKPOT! The photo really doesn't do them justice they look a bit blah but they're really nice in the flesh.

Update on the book challenge by the way. Life of Pi is screwing things up. I'm finding it really hard to get into and it feels like an absolute chore to read it! Going to persevere though and finish it like a trooper then move onto the next one. I'll be doing a monthly post of the four books that I've read just to give you a heads up.

I've been working hard again this week, which come to mention it, if you go "like" my new company's facebook page before 5pm GMT tomorrow (Friday 8th July) you can be in with the chance to win a brand new 32GB ipod touch! Here's the link:

Or if you prefer go follow @lolalolaltd on Twitter and retweet the competition tweet. Its that simple.

And last but not least, a little bit of something for the Kate Middleton fans amongst us. Now I have developed somewhat of an obsession with our Kate. Like its almost borderline creepy/pyscho stalker material. So imagine my delight when I was told about I now browse this site daily to get my fix. I love it!


  1. Would love to hear how your running is going :D
    Also, if you don't mind informing a photography amateur, how do you get your blog photos so muted down and gorgeous ? Is it the lighting, camera or lense?

    Love your posts xx

  2. I adore Lily Allen on the Elle cover, she looks too pretty! I'm also envying your shoes & bag :) x

  3. I love hearing about your running progress and books! i also have a slight *ahem* obsession with kate atm , thank you for the website! x

  4. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I love your posts :-)


  5. Oh, LV bag, I feel I want it since a while... :-)

  6. haha I love your bag to :P !!


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