Sunday, 31 July 2011

Get ready with me.. Lazy Sunday Make up..

Thought I'd share this video I recorded earlier with you all :) Enjoy!


Dear I fear we're facing a problem...

So sorry for the lack of blogging action this week, I have been seriously busy and suffering from a really bad back. I have got so many blog posts I want to get up this week, lets see if we can bang one out a day?

This outfit is made up of favourites...

New favourite blazer (nicest blazer I've ever owned) Topshop
Favourite Tee of the moment (Dont be Jel) River Island
Favourite shorts of all time Tophsop
Favourite bag of all time Balenciaga
Jewelry a combo of Thomas Sabo, Alexander McQueen and Topshop

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another sunny afternoon, walking to the sound of my favourite tune

I spent this weekend camping at a steam rally in Ackworth. I am possibly the only person I know who would wear a McQueen scarf and faux Wang bag to go camping. I thought I did remarkably well with my outfit considering I own nothing remotely suitable for camping. I even had to buy the little floral wellies from Matalan that morning! I also managed to get a shot of my elusive brother this week which was a minor miracle! We've all been working very hard on Lola Lola this week too. More details will be revealed soon about what its all about, we're just working very hard behind the scenes at the moment. We're also giving away a brand new White iPhone 4 this week as a thank you to for all of the support we've been recieving. Head over to our Facebook page and "Like" our page and comment on the iPhone picture to in with a chance of winning! Or if you prefer go and follow us on Twitter and Retweet the Lola Lola competition tweet. I'm just about to send a few more emails, then head to the gym for today's run which believe me I can not be bothered to do in the slightest and its going to be an effort just to get myself there, then come home, shower and practice some guitar and piano. Living the dream people, living the dream.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Running Diaries #2

Well its been another good week on the running front. I've stuck the my training schedule religiously and feel fantastic! I've also ran outside for all of my runs this week and I really do prefer it now! I was put off by the fact that on my frist ever run outside when I started my training I threw up at the side of the road. Classy! I kind of associated running outdoors with throwing up, but this week when I headed out I absolutely loved it. The miles actually become "real" when you run outside. That may sound strange but it really is true. The only thing is places aren't as far away as I think so my runs havn't been as long as I'd like. For example my dad drops me off at a location quite far away from home, and I think it will take me at least 30 minutes to get home. In reality it only takes like 15-20 minutes, so I need to somehow work out how many miles a given route is before I set off.

I took lots of photos to share with you whilst I've been running outside. I also received a special parcel from Nike this week, a lovely running top and a Nike Sport Wristband. I can't wait to get my nike Plus trainers, but until then the lovely Sam (one of the girls on the Team Bangs on the Run 2 team sent me a pouch to put the trainer chip in so that I can use it with the wristband. I also bagged myself some running shorts in the sale for £7.99 what a bargain! Its the first time I've worn shorts in public when not on holiday for god knows how long!

All in all another fantastic weeks training. I'm going to really go for it next week and try get some longer runs/routes in. I've been trying to uploaded my current running playlist for you to download but I've been having trouble doing it. I tried on soundcloud but it failed the first time and then only uploaded 5 of the 20+ songs!

As you all know not just me but the whole team are training their bums off and clocking up some serious mileage for this half  marathon. We'd all really appreciate any small donation you could give to help raise money for Refuge, the charity we are running the half marathon for. Anything would be appreciated and will make a big difference. You can donate here >>

Believe, Achieve. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bit of this and that

Sorry for the lack of post's this week guys. I wasn't very well on Monday and Tuesday and just didn't get chance last night. My second Running Diaries post will be up tomorrow for all of you who enjoy those posts.

I went out and bought a few magazines tonight, and a couple of them had freebies! Cosmo has a free nail polish and Marie Claire has a free Lip Gloss. I wouldn't normally buy Marie Claire but I'm a big fan of Audrey Tautou so had to bag this month's issue.

I also whipped out my beloved Speedy bag yesterday. I don't use this bag often but it has a very special place in my heart. It was the first designer handbag I ever got, and despite the amount of fakes and how overdone some people think it is, I still love it. I wanted it for so long and I remember waking up that Christmas morning a few years ago and being so unbelievably happy. So yeah, if you hadn't guessed I love this bag haha! I can never not be over dramatic when it comes to handbags.

I also grabbed these shoes this week in the River Island sale. I was going to buy them at full price (almost £50) but couldn't justify it. So when I saw them reduced to £15 I was like JACKPOT! The photo really doesn't do them justice they look a bit blah but they're really nice in the flesh.

Update on the book challenge by the way. Life of Pi is screwing things up. I'm finding it really hard to get into and it feels like an absolute chore to read it! Going to persevere though and finish it like a trooper then move onto the next one. I'll be doing a monthly post of the four books that I've read just to give you a heads up.

I've been working hard again this week, which come to mention it, if you go "like" my new company's facebook page before 5pm GMT tomorrow (Friday 8th July) you can be in with the chance to win a brand new 32GB ipod touch! Here's the link:

Or if you prefer go follow @lolalolaltd on Twitter and retweet the competition tweet. Its that simple.

And last but not least, a little bit of something for the Kate Middleton fans amongst us. Now I have developed somewhat of an obsession with our Kate. Like its almost borderline creepy/pyscho stalker material. So imagine my delight when I was told about I now browse this site daily to get my fix. I love it!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A falling star fell from your heart, and landed in my eyes..

I went to a charity event on Friday night and needed to wear something nice. This dress from Zara was absolutely perfect and was the first dress I tried on too. Today was spent lazing around so this simple vest and shorts combo was just what I needed. Debating whether or not to record that tutorial I mentioned the other day tonight, but my bed seems so appealing right now. Hope you're all having a fab weekend. 

First Outfit
Dress- Zara
Shoes - River Island

Second Outfit
Everything - Topshop

Watch - Micheal Kors
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