Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Listen as your day unfolds, Challenge what the future holds, Try and keep your head up to the sky

If you have followed my blog for some time now you will know that diet and fitness is a large part of my life. I don't like the word struggled, but I can't think of an alternative so I'm going to have to use it. I've struggled with my weight for a few years now, having a lot of success overall, but allowing things to slip sometimes and falling back into old habits. Once upon a time gaining weight would be like the world was coming to an end. I would make such a big deal over it, cry, hate myself, you name it. Now after everything I've been through and becoming a little bit wiser I look at it in a completely different way. I now realise that it isn't the be all and end all and that all you can do is take one day at a time.

Tonight I joined Slimming World. I have done it once before but never stuck to it and only went to one meeting. There's a class a ten minute walk from my house so tonight I got myself together and walked to the class. It was so nice to just walk around the village, with the sun slowly going down and a certain freshness in the air. I was impressed with the meeting and the overall concept and I am absolutely adamant that I am going to give this my best shot. What will be different this time? If I can't stick to WeightWatchers or any of the other numerous diets I've stuck to in the past, who's to say I can stick to this one?

Well there's a little thing called will power, and determination, and right now I've got a lot of both. I'm going to be running a half marathon in a few months time and it's time for me to take back the reigns of my life and become the person I want to be. I will be updating my progress along the way of course, and if any of you have any tips or advice they'd be greatly appreciated.

I've been thinking about a few things I can do to get myself back on track in all aspects of my life...

Early morning walks with Sidney to set me up for the day
Working hard on building the new business
Marathon Training
Following the Slimming World eating plan
Incorporating some sort of Yoga into my routine for my rest days (Any suggestions for Yoga DVDs would be fab)
Reading more of my seemingly endless supply of books
Spending less money
Trying to be an even better person

I have also found possibly the best ever inspirational weight loss blog I have ever come across. Now that's a big statement coming from me. If you need some motivation go check out Undressed Skeleton specifically the Before and After Post. Also today's soundtrack is an absolute beaut if you havn't already listened.


  1. congratulations on joining slimming world! i joined in november and although I don't stick to it that rigorously (i love eating dinner out) since then i've lost a stone and half on the orange easy plan, so if you're really determined, i think you can lose a lot. good luck with it all. (: xx

  2. I'm in the exact same mindset as you at the moment. What a coincidence to stumble upon your blog at this exact moment. :)
    I have been struggeling with my weight for possibly my entire life. And in the last month I finally succeeded in settling into a healthy routine and I'm not even close to slipping back out of it like I did numerous times before. I feel optimistic and very strong. It's almost as if I've finally seen the light. I've set some very clear goals about all aspects in my life, just liked you did. Some may seem ubsignificant, others almost too huge to take on. But it seems just right to me.
    Haha, I'm sorry for this ramble.
    On a completely different note, you have gorgeous eyes and I love that eyeliner flick on you.


  3. I love this song. I have done slimming world before and found it really good and easy to follow. good luck with it and the marathon. x

  4. try the 10 minute solution DVD's they have a few yoga ones. But these are my fave because they have 5 routines, each 10 minutes long. I think when you start doing like half hour ones it is easy to slip up but who couldn't spare 10 minutes not looking at there fb page or blog? They are REALLY good, order of amazon for cheapness.......

  5. Sounds like You've got it all planned out.
    My mum does slimming world and has found it the easiest diet to stick to! Good luck with it.

    Thank you for linking the Undresses Skeleton blog. I am trying to get fit and tone up and my motivation dissapears sometimes, Im going to take some of the tips on there and put them into action exercise wise!

    Leanne x

  6. Well done girly :) you'll do amazingly well & have the support of us all on TBOTR2! My mum also joined SW and lots over 2 stone gradually, know she swears by it and it is a very good healthy eating plan to follow. May even join it myself!

    Keep up the good work chica.
    Besos, Sam

  7. I have just written a post about weight!! Oh how I wish I would have read your's first!! you put it much better than I do!! I think you look fab and am motivated after reading your post!! I just need to make better decisions but I love eating lol - I'd love to hear how your getting on! will hopefully push me in the right direction!!! great post x

  8. Well done on joining Slimming World, I have been going since November last year and last week got my 1 stone award (I got it in December but wasn't doing it properly) after having a 4 week break. I do the Extra Easy plan and I love it. Good luck with it and don't beat yourself up if you put on, we're only human and can only hold off from chocolate for so long! ;o) xx

  9. I've done Slimming World time and time again and I do think it is a good diet - I find green days the most easiest to do and it is perfect for coming home and just being able to put pasta or a potato on. One of the most hardest things I found was lunch times - you can't really just go out and buy a sandwich like you can on Weight Watchers, you have to work it out first.

    After seeing people like you talk about the new changes Weight Watchers brought in recently I joined them and have lost more than I have ever lost on a diet before, the most I'd got to was a stone on SW and was alway adament WW didn't work for me but I think I might have been converted to WW this time!

    Good luck, looking forward to reading your updates hun.

    Carla xx

  10. Thanks so much for sharing that blog with're right it's bloody BRILLIANT! All the best! xxx

  11. Good luck Smells! But I hope Slimming World allows for some celebration meals when I come up to Leeds :) x

  12. I too joined slimming world this week - like you I am determined & have an abundance of will power to actually stick to it this time! Good luck on it hun, I am with you every step of your way!

    Looking absolutely beautiful by the way :) XX

  13. I just love your blog. I really wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you do well. Warmest wishes! Minnie xXx

  14. Best of luck Kelly, take each day as it comes. I joined Weight Watchers 11 months ago and I am 3 stone 3.5lbs lighter. I am 1 lbs away from my WW goal. I've blogged every week after weigh in & I couldn't have done it without the support from family, friends & Twitter people :)

    There will be good weeks, great weeks & bad weeks but just sick with it, it will be worth it & having your marathon training to keep you focused you'll be great. Lee xx

  15. Best of luck, i'm sure if you set your mind to it you'll succeed.

    Sadie x


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