Thursday, 9 June 2011

Foxy Locks Extensions

So you all know of my quest for mermaid hair. I have been growing my hair for what seems like forever. After what I like to refer to as "the bleaching incident" I havn't touched my hair since. I know I should be having regular trims but genuinely what happened nearly 18 months ago has really scarred me for life, and as a result I havn't stepped foot through a hairdressers door since.

If you are one of my newer readers, I used to have super blonde hair, and to cut a long story short the hairdressers messed up and all of my hair snapped off at the roots. I then had to have my locks cut off into the shortest graduated bob you can imagine. It was beyond awful and I've spent lots of time and effort looking after my hair in the best way I can ever since. I'm super happy that its finally getting closer to the length I want it but it does take time.

I've been lusting after some really good quality hair extensions for some time, and finally found the perfect extensions from Foxy Locks Hair Extensions. I kid you not they are amazing. I ordered the shade #6 Chestnut Brown and they match my hair perfectly, even despite me having ombre hair. Its almost like the extensions are multi-tonal so they blend amazingly well with your hair.

I got the Deluxe 20" set, because I wanted both volume and length, and wow do they deliver on both counts. The clips are fantastic so I never have to worry about them showing or coming loose, they feel really secure and stay put all day long. The extensions themselves are made with the finest quality remy human hair, meaning they are ridiculously soft to the touch and you can style them however you please.

I trimmed a little bit off of the ends of mine because they really are long, and if you dont already have long locks you may want to do the same. I wear them straight or sometimes style them with my conical wand, and they look lovely either way. I really can not recommend them enough, I absolutely love them. Mermaid locks are finally mine! Whats better I'll still be able to use them to add lots of extra volume even when my hair finally grows to the length I want it.

Imogen has done a fantastic Youtube video showing you all of the different shades of the extensions and she's fantastic on Twitter too if you have any questions about what colour you may need. You can get Foxy Locks Extensions here >



  1. Your hair looks amazing, I love it so much! I've had my extensions a few years now and they've gone all ratty (not a good look!) so I will definitely bear foxylocks in mind (:,xx

  2. I'm totally jealous of your mermaid hair! I really want to get some extensions, these are going on my wishlist. x

  3. These look so gorgeous- I really want to buy some even though I have long hair!

    Stunning photos too Kelly xxx

  4. Wow, your hair looks amazing. They look so natural and such a great match to your own hair. I have been looking at getting some of Imogen's extension's for ages. This has tipped me over the edge *goes to order some*

  5. I recently had clip in hair extensions. My problem with a lot of clip ins is that by the end of a full day the ones at the bottom, closest to your head get REALLY knotty/messy. Have you noticed that with these?

  6. they look amazing, i usually struggle to blend them with my hair unless its curly but yours look amazing straight :D

  7. i love foxylocks, due to buy another set today as ive gone blonde from brown! wouldnt trust any other brand. they look lovely on you kelly.

  8. Thank you for this, I've been keeping my eye out for it. I've wanted Foxies for ages but never actually took the plunge! Have you done a video on YT for curling your hair? I'd be interested in watching it. I miss your vids xx

  9. I love that they are multi-toanl, looks very natural!

  10. These look fantastic Kelly. I too aspire to Mermaid hair! Mmmm maybe she has a colour for me :)


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