Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Summary one more time with feeling..

Not alot happened this week. Although I did learn a few things...

1. Many of us have almost mastered the art of convincing ourselves we are unhappy when in reality we have happiness in the palm of our hands. Its only when you look back that you realise how happy you truly were. Usually by this point its far too late and an irrecoverable amount of damage has already been done. If you can go back to how things were, then you are the exception. Not the rule.

2. Regularly cleansing and moisturising your skin makes a difference. A big one at that. I stopped my skin care routine for a couple of weeks (this wasn't intentional) and my skin ended up a royal mess. I've started using my favourite products again and voila.. happy skin. I will upload my skin care post this week. Promise.

3. The Dukan Diet is hard. Really hard. Commence at your peril. I've kind of modified it and put my own spin on it and its working for me. Chowing down of a can of tuna like a cat for lunch in front of my colleagues, well you can imagine how that went down. Throw a bit of salad on the side and everyones a winner.

4. At some point of your life you will make a mistake. A big one. You will undoubtedly make one bad decision and spend hours filled with regret. You will also feel a sadness like you have never felt before. I now know what it feels like to feel this type of sadness and I never thought it was possible to feel this way. Now don't be alarmed this isn't a negative post, far from it. I learnt this week that although we have the power to well and truly screw things up, we also have the power to make things better again. I've learnt that picking yourself up from the floor when you are down isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. But it is possible, and its even more possible to come out of it on the other side. All you have to do is try. Ghandi said that whatever you do in your life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. I'm inclined to agree with him, because as each day, week, month goes by it gets easier to live with those bad decisions, and easier to live life.

5. Made in Chelsea is a modern day tragedy. Fact.

Ps. Adam if you ever read this, I'm sorry...

EDIT: Read the comments.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. oh love, you've got a wise head on those wee shoulders xx

  3. This is a lovely post- and great advice/thoughts. Hope you're OK xxx

  4. moving post, very wise and well written xx

  5. Wow this is a fantastic and powerful post.
    You look lovely in your pic too :)
    xx Lottie xx

  6. its so inspiring to read posts like this, its sad that youve had to go through such pain, im no stranger to it myself and i know how hard it can be to turn your mind around to thinking everythings gunna be fine

    love your blog! keep smilin'

  7. great post kelly! such a fitting song for your message :) xx

  8. Great post, hope you're doing okay you're an inspiration :-) xx

  9. this is a fabulous post, your so right and this post has really given me some food for thought.. so without rambling - thankyou x

  10. Oh Kelly, this was such a beautiful post. I felt like crying at the last line haha, #emotionalwreck.

  11. Love that 4th point. Don't dwell on your regrets! What's happened as happened, and I personally think it's for a reason.
    Hope you're ok :)

  12. this post is so beautiful, you're so right in everything you say in point four and you look so lovely in this picture x

  13. aww kelly i cried at the last line, lets say im emotional wreck these days. i love your attitude :)

  14. this is a beautiful post and I agree with everything in point 4 :)

  15. please never stop doing Monday Summaries - they are my favourite posts on the whole blogosphere! and you have incredible eyes. just sayin'. ♥

  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...I hope you feel better and that you stay positive :) xxx

  17. Kelly I am sat here with tears in my eyes, the first and last point sum me up so much right now!When I hit play on the song I knew it was going to be emotional for me as this song holds precious memories xx

  18. Ahh i hope Adam reads it :( xxx

  19. Lovely post , lovely thoughts and words xx

  20. Love your blog, your always so open and honest. I feel like I have a big sister tellling me its going to be all ok as we are all in the same boat! love it xx :o)

  21. oh i can't wait for your skincare post! good luck with your diet too :) x

  22. Im so sorry Kelly and hope to see a happier otne to your blogs soon so we all know your are happier :D

  23. one of the best posts i have read.
    some great advice lay in there also

  24. Lovely Post Kelly! I really hope you're ok! XX

  25. Kelly this post made me sad. I hope you will be happy again soon and I hope Adam does read this. xxx

  26. You are such a lovely girl Kelly, and beautiful both inside and out. Love this post <3 xx

  27. I want this post to have a happy ending! x

  28. I love how honest you are Kelly! Love this post xx

  29. *sigh* i remember the times i've felt that way, and how much it hurts. you learn from your mistakes, and in time you feel happy again. Keep that pretty little chin up. xx

  30. I really love your post, and loving your blog as well!! =)

  31. Adam asked me to post this for him....

    This may not be poetic to anyone who reads this, but i say to my self
    why should you be poetic why can't you say it straight from the
    heart... So here goes

    March 13th i made a life changing decision, my head is messed and so
    upside down i can't count the number of times ive wanted to call and
    talk about things.. We met a week after and you was a different animal
    all tamed i'n your own little world i looked into your eyes and the
    way you was with me.. It made me feel sad seeing those tears run down
    your face.. Every night on my own was harder and harder.. I i got used
    to being in-denial i got used to a habit.. That had to changed.. The
    days before march this 13th i was happy spending every moment with
    you.. But in the back of my head i got used to your life and not
    mine.. We lived in a place where we didn't work hard for anything and
    that grew us apart me on my xbox you on your mac we would goto bed and
    not talk.. I loved travelling and relaxing on a White sandy beaches..
    You wanted cities and expensive handbags.. I loved you for who you was
    caring, polite, willing ness to listen.. When i was upset we used to
    often fall out because it was either your family or mine.. Week 3 and
    i feel happy to see you having fun but i feel sad to see you hanging
    around with the wrong people doing the wrong things and going in the
    wrong direction .. I feel bad because i seem to have i'n the back of
    my head it's all my fault.. I calm myself and think we need to talk..
    Having talked to you i feel like i can get you back onto your path ..
    My life is going good i feel happier and more as a really good friend
    to you... After all we was best friends for 4 years and 8 months i
    missedyou u still love you for making me who i am today .... Week 8
    it's hard i feel your tears i feel i need to hug you .. I see a sad
    person wanting me back and i want the opposite .. I think i do anyway
    sometimes i miss you so much i want our life back.. Things are
    confusing I'm mixed up i need time to see what i have i'n front of me
    my life is good but yours isn't all i wanted was for you to be happy i
    loved you enough to let you go after your doubts i gave you time you
    once was convinced it was right then you are coming to a time where u
    need me.. I will always be here I've told you soo many times i want us
    to always be really good friends at bare minimum.. Week 9 im wanting
    to talk to you more I'm wanting to see how you are I'm wanting to be
    there more for you I'm what i Always have been a caring kind and most
    understanding guy u have ever met i don't hate you for what wrong you
    have done since our break i just want to make US both happyi.. I read
    your kelanjo post and a tear rolls down my face I'm so sorry it's come
    to this my life has changed and you need me so much .. I really do
    miss you but i feel like things will always be special with me and you
    I'm going to make a effort to talk to you every day make sure you know
    I'm here and keep you smiling and happy.. I see our times together now
    all the bad memories have evaporated and the good memories have
    flooded back .. We was so good together :) we can still be.. I'm
    happy, weather it's friends forever or a reunite i'n time to come I'll
    always be here for you and good times to come. Big poetic :)

    I finish this note to tell you 13 i hate the number and i will always
    remember the day,we always should have been something more .. Like you
    said only if you would have met me 5 years later... I will always care
    for you.. Your one of my gems i ain't gunna loose..

    Love as always Adam xxx

  32. Awww that was so moving to read. I feel as if I'm intruding on something very private here. I hope you both find happiness, it's clear you obviously have a lot of love for one another. Argh I'm welling up xx

  33. Aw such a sweet message from Adam, although it made me feel incredibly sad :( x

  34. Ah thats lovely. Fingers crossed you guys work it out x x


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