Monday, 18 April 2011

Remember me, I'm the one who had your baby's eyes (& 5 things you never knew about me)

Press Play, today's soundtrack is an absolute classic.

If you were wondering my life still pretty much resembles a soap opera! But I'm ok just getting on with things in the best way I can. Its increasingly difficult for me to do my Monday Summary's when I dont actually have anything good going on in my life. I know that sounds terrible but you can't polish a turd people haha. Plus I dont want my blog to be a place for moaning, its a happy place. So I thought today I'd share a couple of photos and 5 things that you I've never shared with you lovely lot before.

First pic is Saturday Nights Face, and the maxi dress pics are from today. Behind me in the garden is what we like to refer to the cigarette cemetery, its basically where cigarettes go to die. Maxi Dress from Miss Selfridge last year & Crochet Kimono from Topshop, Earrings from River Island.

1. I havn't parallel parked since I passed my driving test 5 years ago. I was 18 when I passed and it took me 4 attempts to get it in the bag. I also very very rarely reverse park either. I will literally drive around a carpark until I find a spot I can just drive straight into. Town centre parking is always a problem.

2. Contrary to popular belief I paid for my own education. Lots of people in my real life assume my parents did (that goes for my car too) but nope.

3. I only found out that Stephen Fry was gay about 2 months ago. Literally had no idea.

4. I like to do nice things for people even though they never appreciate it. Making someone happy makes me happy. Even if they dont deserve it.

5. I'm a Class A control freak. I dont like to control others just myself. I also hate the feeling of someone having any type of control over me. One of the things I say the most is don't tell me what to do. Sounds pathetic I know but unfortunately its true. Especially when it comes to my emotions. I've almost mastered the art of pretending I'm ok when I'm not. Sometimes I can convince even the closest to me that I'm ok when really I'm the complete opposite. I like to be in complete control of myself and when I'm not I feel panicked, anxious, stressed, vulnerable, and just a little bit mental. I always like to appear like I'm ok and dealing with things, and that I've got this tough exterior and can brush things off and not let them bother me, but I'm really just a pussycat on the inside.

Ps go check out this ebay listing, its the funniest thing I've seen all week!


  1. I looove your hair in the first pic, so sleek and smooth! Xxxx

  2. Kelly your such a sweetheart (okay I don't know you, but you come across as such a genuine, down to earth and lovely girl!) and well I wanted to comment because everyone deserve a good compliment once in while!

    I really enjoy reading your blog - and remembering the ones you wrote last year whilst battling to finish your third year of university are helping to drag me through the hell of finishing my dissertation at the moment.

    In all, I just wanted to say that you are a gorgeous, lovely lady - and you deserve every happiness.

    Keep your chin up! It will all come right in the end. :)

  3. Omg I only found out about Stephen Fry being gay recently too! Everybody was like how did you NOT know?! Haha.

    I've failed my test twice so far, so I'm glad to see there is light at the end of the tunnel - well sort of ;)


  4. No. 4 and No. 5 totally apply to me too.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

    Loveaudrey xXx

  5. 1. Haha, that's me exactly!! I now live in a city without a car so take public transport everywhere. Saves with the parking problem!

    3. My friend didn't know Graham Norton was gay..

  6. I would actually buy that car based solely on the fact that it's described as a 'minty little number'. Who doesn't love Trebor Extra Strong?

    And your hair looks really cute in a top knot!

  7. aw hope your ok Kelly x that ebay listing is hysetrical x

  8. Haha that ebay listing is the best! It would strangely make me want to bid on the car to see what kind of person would write that description! x

  9. I love those earings and I didn't know stephen fry was gay either x

  10. Hahahahahahah cracking up at that ebay listing, trebor ahahaha. Love the dress!! OMG I never knew about Stephen Fry until now LOL I'm such a loser xxxx

  11. The earrings are from River Island Frilly Knickers lol :) xx

  12. Stephen Fry is gay!? I did not know that! haha! You learn something new everyday! Ooo Fact 5 is me down to a t x

  13. Lol at the listing!!I love love your earrings and 4 and 5 of your list go for me as well.
    There's always something good around the corner waiting for you, so that's a good thing :)
    Happy week!

  14. Loving the ebay listing, made me giggle :) And i'm totally with you on the whole parallel parking and reverse parking, i don't do it either!

  15. I've just almost wee'd myself at that car listing. My tummy hurt so much from laughing! Trust is to be someone from the Boro, hahaha! On another car related note - i too was a reverso-phobe and paralello-phobe until 6 months ago when i drove a little van around New Zealand and didn't hvae a chioce. I am now a parking pro - it really isn't that hard! Just better to practice when no one is around to stare :D x

  16. I really love that dress, its such a gorgeous print and looks pretty on you!

    Hahaha about the parking, practice makes perfect! Find an empty parking lot (eh, I'm american now)? Thats what I did, and my first car had NO POWER steering. Now I'm in a tiny fiat with 'city steering' and its the easiest thing in THE WORLD to park. When I had a fiesta courtesy car though, It felt MASSIVE and I scraped the entire underside/sideskirts on a ramp in a multi-storey. It was a brand new limited edition sports model - yikes! Thank GOD for t-cut haha!

    It doesn't matter if you just found out about Mr. Fry hehe, it doesn't really matter anyway! :D xx

  17. Wow, I literally had NO idea Stephen Fry was gay either.

    You learn something new everyday!

    Love this post, it's brilliant! Good going hun, keep your chin up - it'll all get better soon and you'll have plenty of fab things to tell us!

    Hope you're ok! *worried face*

    Katie x

  18. "You can't polish a turd" LOL! I didn't realise Steven Fry was gay until I read this post :O!xx

  19. That ebay listing was brilliant! made my week! I'm post break up atm and it sucks!!! Doesn't matter how many friends you have around you it is still a total shite time! But keep ya chin up, carry on going out and getting tipsy and by the way you look amazing! Lots of love xxx

  20. My life is a soap opera too much like Hollyoaks haha!!

    hopefully it will calm down soon i'm tired of all the dramatics!

    You look gorgeous! xx

  21. stephen fry is gay? news to me haha, but now i think about it, how did we not notice?! btw, the outfit you have on when you're wearing the maxi dress is really nice :)

  22. The outfit is beautiful! Really hope things get better for you soon. Stephen Fry is GAY wtf ... supose you learn something new everyday ! xx :o)

  23. 1) I have exactly the same problem! Never parked since my driving test and always drive around a car park to find a space with no cars next to it!

    Loving your blog too xx


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