Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oral B Challenge

A while ago I was contacted by Oral B to see if I wanted to take part in their month long challenge. I know its a bit off subject for my blog but I really wanted to give it ago. I'm really paranoid about my teeth as I have some overcrowding at the bottom. I am fully intending on having invisalign treatment when my finances allow it. Anyway I used to use an electric toothbrush religiously, until it died a slow and painful death and I went back to just using a normal one. I'm interested to see if it makes a big difference to my overall oral hygiene. We'll see how I get on. I'll be using the Oral B P-500 and making sure I follow a few tips provided by Oral-B ambassador and dentist Dr. James Russel:

1.     FLOSS: You must floss once a day to achieve optimum oral health.
2.     BRUSH: Twice a day for 2 minutes. Your Oral-B Professional Care 500's timer will keep you on track.
3.     CURB SNACKING: We all need a boost during the day but keep your snacks to foods like cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks which are all better for teeth.
4.     AVOID: Fizzy drinks. Not only are these drinks often high in sugars but they are very acidic too. These acids can quickly erode tooth enamel.

 Is oral hygiene important to you? Do you use an electric toothbrush or could you not give two hoots?

This challenge has been sponsored by Oral B as part of their promotional campaign via Handpicked Media.


  1. Will you be giving up Diet Coke as part of the challenge? :)

  2. I don't like electric toothbrushes. Personally, I don't think they work as well. But I know some people that swear by them.

  3. Can't wait to see how you get on with this. I have some tiny gaps inbetween my front teeth and always worry about the hygiene of them.

  4. Ooh would be interested to know if you think it makes much of a difference over the month or not, I just use a regular one at the moment but I like the idea of a timer on my tooth brush aha x x

  5. I use an electric toothbrush but personally find I get a better clean with a good old regular toothbrush! The electric ones doesn't seem to get every spot, and it makes me nervous using it on my front two teeth which are veneers! That's just me though - know plenty of people who love using their electric toothbrush x

  6. not to sound big headed or anything (haha that makes it sound like I am!) but everyone comments on how white my teeth are, although I do disagree slightly. But because of that I make sure I brush them well and stuff.
    You definitely will notice a difference - I have a manual toothbrush at uni and an electric toothbrush at home and my teeth feel soo much cleaner when I use the electric! who knew I could ramble on about brushing teeth for so long?! xxx

  7. Feel exactly the same about my teeth! Cant stand going to the dentist as constantly having fillings due to my sweet tooth :o(! Dental hygiene therefore is very important to me! xx

  8. I worry about my teeth constantly, are they white enough? Are they clean? I don't drink fizzy - only on the rarest occasions and hardly eat sweets. Oral hygiene is to me - of upmost importance, you only get one set of teeth so treat them nicely.
    I bought an electric tooth brush (from oral B) just before the end of last year and would never return to a manual. Saying this, i'm still petrified of the dentist!

  9. I dont have this brush but I would never go back to manual now. Electic brush :)

  10. diet coke/pepsi max is my downfall, my poor teeth :( i bought beverly hills formuala toothpaste today because it was half price and it says it could make my teeth 3 shades whiter in a week, never been more excited to brush my teeth haha! hope it goes well, i'm paranoid about my teeth too, had a huge gap as a child but i'm slowly closing it with teethbands xx

  11. Who doesn't value oral hygiene??? Since I quit drinking soda, I have noticed a big change in the whiteness of my teeth. I have never actually gotten my teeth officially whitened, though. I use Crest 3-D White crap that seems to work alright.
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