Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Monday Summary on a Tuesday

1. I had the most amazing bank holiday weekend. As a result I'm completely broke and feeling very worse for wear but it was well worth it. The weather was absolutely gorgeous too, I'm hoping the upcoming long bank holiday weekend will be equally awesome!

2. I left my job to go it alone and start my own company. With my family at my side we'll be unstoppable. Its all top secret at the moment but I really do think you will all love it. Don't worry I will keep you all informed on everything but after watching The Social Network I'm keeping it all under lock and key. Its time to start putting my Business Degree to some use :)

3. I'm back at the gym and loving it. I'm really wanting to get my skinny on for the summer, for me exercise is the real deal breaker so now I'm my own boss (haha that sounds so weird) I get to work when I please allowing me to get to the gym at a decent time in the afternoon. I intend on going tomorrow and Thursday in a bid to limit some of the damage that will inevitably ensue over the bank holiday weekend.

4. I made an order from Asos and it came today, I'm wearing a couple of the bits of jewelry in today's pics but I'll share the rest with you when I wear them. I was very happy as they all fit and I love them all. Win!

5. One to follow: Style by Kling

Sorry today's outfit photos are a bit boring. In my defence its just my attempt at smart casual work wear lol :)

Mac New Look
Blouse Topshop
Work Trousers
New Look Ballet Pumps
Scrabble Ring
Peace bracelet, Angel Wing Ring, Lion Earrings all new purchases from ASOS


  1. your hair looks amazing! loving these artsy photos you've been putting up lately :) x

  2. Kelly you are looking absolutely stunning - so very pretty indeed! Good luck with your new venture - I am positive you will do amazing things! XX

  3. So tempted to buy hair extensions now as your hair looks amazing with them in! Good luck with the new company :)

  4. love your coat and hairstyle in these pics..
    and good luck for your project! :)

  5. your hair is lovely!!
    i moved my ebay shop!! i'm now at teeplease.blogspot.com
    come visit :)

  6. You look gorgeous, love your outfit! And good luck with your new company, sounds exciting! x x

  7. Ooh you reminded me that I forgot to watch the end of the social network! Good luck with your new company, it sounds really exciting!! You look gorgeous in these pics, I love your hair! xxx

  8. So excited to hear more about your new business! x

  9. Looking forward to hearing more about your business Kelly :)
    Your hair looks lovely and I love the angel wing ring too! x

  10. Excited to hear about your own business! it is something i would love to do and have been thinking about doing after i graduate!!! Good Luck!!! xoxo

  11. Number 2 - GOOD LUCK! What are you doing? :D xx

  12. You look as gorgeous a ever! Congrats on becoming your own boss I can't wait to hear what it's all about! How exciting! Nice one Kel xxx

  13. You are looking absolutely stunning kelly!! Good Luck for your business venture!! x

  14. Glad you had a good bank holiday weekend! Must admit mine was pretty awesome as well. So exciting that you are starting your own business. Very brave but i'm sure you will be a complete success xx :o)

  15. Looking gorgeous Kelly(:, fab news about your business, how exciting!xx

  16. I'm loving the extensions! I can't wait to see what your business is going to be, I wish you the best of luck lovely :)


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