Friday, 29 April 2011

And I just can't look, its killing me

I bought these shorts today from New Look. I absolutely love them, and they were only £19.99. Such a nice fit and super comfy. I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these. I watched the Royal Wedding from 9am this morning and loved every minute of it! Such a fairytale story and made me feel truly proud to be British. I'm going out this evening and have got so much to do over this weekend that I dont even want to think about it. Sorry for these slightly rubbish photos, and my make up-less face and frizzy hair combo, but I'm strapped for time and wanted to get this post up. Lovings xx

 Blouse Topshop
Shorts New Look
Ballet Pumps New Look,
Watch Vintage



  1. I watched it in the library :) and I still have goosebumps when I think of it :D She was gorgeous!

  2. I watched too, Kates dress was so beautiful.


  3. Your outfit is lovely, and the shorts look great! Also love your watch:) x

  4. Stunning as always my darling! You know i love your style! I have the blouse, think i need me the shorts aswell!

    I agree, very proud to be British today! The wedding was magical!


  5. Is your hair naturally wavy like this or did you style it? It looks fab! x

  6. love the outfit! the shorts are really nice :)
    i think everyone is proud to be british right now! i love the fact Kate and Wills are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (where i live) ;D

  7. @lollipop i styled it yesterday with my conical wand and this is what it looks like the day after when i've slept on it haha! :)

    Thanks as always for the lovely comments everyone :) xxx

  8. I really like them shorts, they suit you too. I watched the wedding too, tissues at the ready! Loved her dress. Have a nice time tonight xx

  9. Lovee this outfit! I have been looking for a belt like that...but I'm guessing it's part of the shorts?

  10. Beautiful wedding! And you look great in any way, too! :)

  11. I watched it to made me all teary eyed! They are such a cute couple. Cute shorts, really need to invest in a few new pairs xx :o)

  12. I have that blouse :) Cute outfit!

    emma xx


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