Wednesday, 20 April 2011

25 things I do when I'm on my own

1. Listen to music in the bath

2. Try on clothes that are too small for me in the hope that they now fit

3. Stare into the fridge but close the door empty handed

4. Paint my nails

5. Walk Sidney to the cemetery

6. Sing very loudly (and very badly) in my car

7. Create imaginary lives for people I walk past in the street

8. Read the news online, my reliable source is of course The Daily Mail

9. Think about things I want

10. Think about things I dont want

11. Lay in bed in the dark listening to my ipod

12. Tidy up my bedroom

13. Make several cups of tea

14. Feel sorry for myself

15. Dance around like a psycho to music I love in my bedroom

16. Go to the gym

17. Watch trashy tv shows

18. Cook food for one

19. Play the piano for hours

20. Brush my teeth

21. Wonder where people are

22. Text people/ Tweet people/ Update facebook

23. Wash my clothes

24. Skip down my landing

25. Remember things from my past and have silent conversations with myself in my head

EDIT: I've had lots of people asking if they can use this on their own blogs, use it to your hearts content, if you do be kind and send me the link so I can have a read :) xx


  1. I like this post, it's nice :) so nice I copied idea. Hope you don't mind x

  2. 2-3 sums me up - Especially the fridge, I always do this - Even if I'm not hungry, haha! xx

  3. Course not Emma! Make sure you send me the link when its up so I can have a read :) x

  4. Ah this is lovely! Can I tag myself in this please? A really nice idea!


  5. ha, lovely post. I also check the cupboard in the hope there will be something new in there since 2 mins ago when I checked... haha x

  6. Ha Ha so many of these sounds like me, I'm going to pinch your idea and include a bit of a twist, I'll link back sweetie :)

  7. Love this, and did it myself. Here:

    Kathrine x

  8. thought I'd link you to my post of this :) x

  9. Thanks for the comment :) On a side note,you should download the album Mirrorwriting by Jamie Woon. It's amazing and I think you'd love it.

    Kathrine x

  10. I like this post, some of them made me lol cause I do them too :)

  11. Loved this post! I did it on my blog xx

  12. Loved this post!:) and have done one of my own -


  13. Aww loved this post so much, I did it myself. Linked back to your blog of course! Heres mine if your interested.

  14. i copied this, feel i should link back so it doesn't seem like i'm taking credit for your idea haha..

  15. Love your blog! I loved this post so much I pinched it (credited it back to you of course!) Can't wait for your next post :)


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