Friday, 29 April 2011

And I just can't look, its killing me

I bought these shorts today from New Look. I absolutely love them, and they were only £19.99. Such a nice fit and super comfy. I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these. I watched the Royal Wedding from 9am this morning and loved every minute of it! Such a fairytale story and made me feel truly proud to be British. I'm going out this evening and have got so much to do over this weekend that I dont even want to think about it. Sorry for these slightly rubbish photos, and my make up-less face and frizzy hair combo, but I'm strapped for time and wanted to get this post up. Lovings xx

 Blouse Topshop
Shorts New Look
Ballet Pumps New Look,
Watch Vintage


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Monday Summary on a Tuesday

1. I had the most amazing bank holiday weekend. As a result I'm completely broke and feeling very worse for wear but it was well worth it. The weather was absolutely gorgeous too, I'm hoping the upcoming long bank holiday weekend will be equally awesome!

2. I left my job to go it alone and start my own company. With my family at my side we'll be unstoppable. Its all top secret at the moment but I really do think you will all love it. Don't worry I will keep you all informed on everything but after watching The Social Network I'm keeping it all under lock and key. Its time to start putting my Business Degree to some use :)

3. I'm back at the gym and loving it. I'm really wanting to get my skinny on for the summer, for me exercise is the real deal breaker so now I'm my own boss (haha that sounds so weird) I get to work when I please allowing me to get to the gym at a decent time in the afternoon. I intend on going tomorrow and Thursday in a bid to limit some of the damage that will inevitably ensue over the bank holiday weekend.

4. I made an order from Asos and it came today, I'm wearing a couple of the bits of jewelry in today's pics but I'll share the rest with you when I wear them. I was very happy as they all fit and I love them all. Win!

5. One to follow: Style by Kling

Sorry today's outfit photos are a bit boring. In my defence its just my attempt at smart casual work wear lol :)

Mac New Look
Blouse Topshop
Work Trousers
New Look Ballet Pumps
Scrabble Ring
Peace bracelet, Angel Wing Ring, Lion Earrings all new purchases from ASOS

Friday, 22 April 2011

Forget about the sugar have a spoonful of me, coz I taste so sweet

Wearing my Maxi Dress again today. I've ordered another one from Asos and I'm praying it gets delivered tomorrow. Wishful thinking? Probably! I curled my extensions today too. Love. It was also much easier than I thought. Is it just me or does this weather make you not want to wear any make up? I havn't worn any slap for a couple of days (including today) I'm sure my skin is thanking me for it. No plans for today I'm pretty broke and trying to think of low cost things to do. All suggestions on a post card. Or in the comments section will do just fine :)


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Too cold for you to keep her, Too hot for you to leave her ft. River Island Chelsea Girl

I am in l.o.v.e with this tunic from the River Island Chelsea Girl range. It instantly makes me feel free spirited and want to dance around in the sun. River Island are re-launching the Chelsea Girl range after 23 years with a collection of gorgeous pieces for Summer. I am in love with the bohemian vibe of the collection and the affordability of the pieces. I can't get enough of it and urge you to go check it out. Here's the link my lovelies >>

There's also a competition running to celebrate the launch of the collection where you can win £200 in River Island vouchers for simply styling one of the Chelsea Girl items. You can enter here.

I spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sun, it was absolutely lovely. Also, I finally got my mermaid hair! This is the length I want to grow my natural hair to, but luckily for me I got some of the amazing Foxy Locks Extensions (full post to come soon) They are incredible, no exaggeration. I'm now off to grab a banana and a glass of diet coke. Lovings xx

Tunic River Island Chelsea Girl
Tan Shorts New Look
Haviana Flip Flops
Watch Vintage
Earrings Topshop
Scrabble Ring
Bangles River Island

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Come play my game, I'll test ya

I feel really happy today. The weather is gorgeous and always has an impact on my mood. I went to the gym and had a fab workout, and I've eaten really well. Thought I'd share a quick outfit post with you all :)

Top River Island
Vest Dress Topshop
Wannabe Rayban Wayfarers (The real ones are on their way I ordered them today) *Cheesy grin*

25 things I do when I'm on my own

1. Listen to music in the bath

2. Try on clothes that are too small for me in the hope that they now fit

3. Stare into the fridge but close the door empty handed

4. Paint my nails

5. Walk Sidney to the cemetery

6. Sing very loudly (and very badly) in my car

7. Create imaginary lives for people I walk past in the street

8. Read the news online, my reliable source is of course The Daily Mail

9. Think about things I want

10. Think about things I dont want

11. Lay in bed in the dark listening to my ipod

12. Tidy up my bedroom

13. Make several cups of tea

14. Feel sorry for myself

15. Dance around like a psycho to music I love in my bedroom

16. Go to the gym

17. Watch trashy tv shows

18. Cook food for one

19. Play the piano for hours

20. Brush my teeth

21. Wonder where people are

22. Text people/ Tweet people/ Update facebook

23. Wash my clothes

24. Skip down my landing

25. Remember things from my past and have silent conversations with myself in my head

EDIT: I've had lots of people asking if they can use this on their own blogs, use it to your hearts content, if you do be kind and send me the link so I can have a read :) xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

ASOS teams up with Nivea Invisible

I was very kindly asked to take part in the Nivea Invisible Launch night, cue a lovely bottle of wine and some yummy cakes for me and Karen. To celebrate the launch of Nivea Invisible for Black and White Deodorant, Nivea have teamed up with ASOS to create a capsule collection of dresses which can be won on the ASOS site between 18th April - 31 May. 

Here's a snippet about the new Nivea Invisible Deodrant
"This unique technology offers protection against white and yellow deodorant stains. As well as white marks on black clothes becoming a thing of the past, this technology helps prevent the yellow stains that develop over time due to a mixture of deodorant, sweat and washing powder – amazing!"

All you need to do to have a chance of winning the entire collection is head over to this link >> and accessorize a dress. Its that simple! Now time for some pretty pictures and my attempt!

This post was sponsored by ASOS and Nivea as part of their Handpicked Media Campaign.


Remember me, I'm the one who had your baby's eyes (& 5 things you never knew about me)

Press Play, today's soundtrack is an absolute classic.

If you were wondering my life still pretty much resembles a soap opera! But I'm ok just getting on with things in the best way I can. Its increasingly difficult for me to do my Monday Summary's when I dont actually have anything good going on in my life. I know that sounds terrible but you can't polish a turd people haha. Plus I dont want my blog to be a place for moaning, its a happy place. So I thought today I'd share a couple of photos and 5 things that you I've never shared with you lovely lot before.

First pic is Saturday Nights Face, and the maxi dress pics are from today. Behind me in the garden is what we like to refer to the cigarette cemetery, its basically where cigarettes go to die. Maxi Dress from Miss Selfridge last year & Crochet Kimono from Topshop, Earrings from River Island.

1. I havn't parallel parked since I passed my driving test 5 years ago. I was 18 when I passed and it took me 4 attempts to get it in the bag. I also very very rarely reverse park either. I will literally drive around a carpark until I find a spot I can just drive straight into. Town centre parking is always a problem.

2. Contrary to popular belief I paid for my own education. Lots of people in my real life assume my parents did (that goes for my car too) but nope.

3. I only found out that Stephen Fry was gay about 2 months ago. Literally had no idea.

4. I like to do nice things for people even though they never appreciate it. Making someone happy makes me happy. Even if they dont deserve it.

5. I'm a Class A control freak. I dont like to control others just myself. I also hate the feeling of someone having any type of control over me. One of the things I say the most is don't tell me what to do. Sounds pathetic I know but unfortunately its true. Especially when it comes to my emotions. I've almost mastered the art of pretending I'm ok when I'm not. Sometimes I can convince even the closest to me that I'm ok when really I'm the complete opposite. I like to be in complete control of myself and when I'm not I feel panicked, anxious, stressed, vulnerable, and just a little bit mental. I always like to appear like I'm ok and dealing with things, and that I've got this tough exterior and can brush things off and not let them bother me, but I'm really just a pussycat on the inside.

Ps go check out this ebay listing, its the funniest thing I've seen all week!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oral B Challenge

A while ago I was contacted by Oral B to see if I wanted to take part in their month long challenge. I know its a bit off subject for my blog but I really wanted to give it ago. I'm really paranoid about my teeth as I have some overcrowding at the bottom. I am fully intending on having invisalign treatment when my finances allow it. Anyway I used to use an electric toothbrush religiously, until it died a slow and painful death and I went back to just using a normal one. I'm interested to see if it makes a big difference to my overall oral hygiene. We'll see how I get on. I'll be using the Oral B P-500 and making sure I follow a few tips provided by Oral-B ambassador and dentist Dr. James Russel:

1.     FLOSS: You must floss once a day to achieve optimum oral health.
2.     BRUSH: Twice a day for 2 minutes. Your Oral-B Professional Care 500's timer will keep you on track.
3.     CURB SNACKING: We all need a boost during the day but keep your snacks to foods like cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks which are all better for teeth.
4.     AVOID: Fizzy drinks. Not only are these drinks often high in sugars but they are very acidic too. These acids can quickly erode tooth enamel.

 Is oral hygiene important to you? Do you use an electric toothbrush or could you not give two hoots?

This challenge has been sponsored by Oral B as part of their promotional campaign via Handpicked Media.

Monday, 11 April 2011

If you could only see, the beast you've made of me, I had it in but now it seems you've set it running free

Evenin all, Press Play.

How are we all this week? I've had an interesting week. I dont have 5 good things for my monday summary this week so I thought I would just do a photo post and a little bit of a ramble. I knew you'd be cool with that. The best thing that happened this week was that I found out that I passed my Grade 5 Music Theory Exam. I'm really proud of myself as I did it in a really short space of time after having no musical theory knowledge whatsoever. Now its on to Grade 7 and 8 piano. Watch this space.
Now for some photos taken this afternoon. I'm not going to lie I almost killed myself getting to this location in those shoes.

Blouse & Shorts Topshop
Wedges River Island
Miu Miu Vitello Lux "Bow Bag"
Rings Various
Watches Both Vintage
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