Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Summary

This week was payday! So I bought some lovely new things. This weeks Monday Summary is just going to be photo based I hope you dont mind!

Drinks with my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I ended up really rather drunk. It was excellent!

New blouse from Topshop. They only had one left in a size 12. It was meant to be! Yes my room is messy. It always is. I'm just a messy person.

Little Sid made a break for it and legged it upstairs to see me. Too cute!

The most amazing sky on my way home from work. So unbelievably beautiful.

New watch courtesy of my Grandad. Its super old and he's had it for years. I've been eyeing it up for a while and when I mentioned it to him and he said I could have it for my birthday. Love it so so much!

And for this evening's purchases. I know I'm shoe mad at the moment but these were essential. I did say I was looking for a pair of mid height heels in my last post and these babies just cried out to me. Perfect for both work and play. They're from Dune, and they're gorgeous. End. Of.

And finally this lightweight cropped jumper from River Island. These days when I buy things like this I ask myself will I still be able to get away with this when I've lost weight. If the answer is yes then I don't think twice about buying it, otherwise I give it a bit more thought. I also have straight hair today. I kind of hate it, I feel like a bit of old limp lettuce!



  1. Watch picture is to die for!
    Also, look at you you Skinny Minnie!

  2. Great post, I love the new jumper and watch! x

  3. ooh love the picture, such a pretty girl. your flat is lovely, we live in leeds too but ours isn't as nice i don't think :( we need a leeds blogger meet up! xo.

  4. That watch is amazing, what a lucky granddaughter you are! You also give me blouse envy, you look absolutely gorge! xx

  5. The watch is beautiful, and I LOVE the blouse. Gorgeous lace :) Love your blog too! Just generally!

  6. Cute post, I love that jumper! X

  7. Some lovely things hun! That sky is beautiful! Hope you're ok, great gift from gramps! xx

  8. I know what you mean about the hair, often when I straighten mine I always feel like a 'limp lettuce', but it really looks very lovely ♥

  9. Great post, the watch is so nice.

  10. Ahhh look at Sidders! Lovely sky and your grandads watch is gorgeous! I GHD'd my hair the other day too, I hated it, limp, dull hair we want it nourished just like Davina says! lol x You're looking slim jim in these pics Kel! xx

  11. Kelly! Have you seen the offer on Xen Tan at Debenhams? 30% off! Online today and instore tomorrow. That's gotta be a pur-chase! Let the Lollipop that is Laura know the score! x

  12. Great post! The watch is incredible! In the second to last picture I thought you were holding the teddy in the background like a baby!
    Immie x

  13. The lacy shirt looks very lovely on you!
    xoxo Elle

  14. haha oh sid! amazing watch, i really love that lacy top you're wearing too!



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