Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday Summary

Calories Consumed: 237987598349
Miles Ran: 2.9
Quality Street Eaten: 250+
Alcohol Units Drank: Too Many

Evenin' All.
Are we all on our way to recovery after this years festivities? Or like me are you constantly fighting the urge to slob around in my PJ's all day and eat my weight in leftover Quality Street that nobody including me even likes? Thought so. Inspired by the legend that is Bridget Jones I thought I'd add a little Bridget Jones Diary type entry to my Monday Summary. We'll see how long it lasts haha. The days seem to merge into one during this Christmas and New Year Limbo Period. Yesterday for example we journeyed to the supermarket at 5.30pm only to remember that is shut at 4pm because it was A SUNDAY!! No Bueno... Anyway here we go:

1. Starting with the best thing thats happened. I ran and walked for 40 minutes yesterday, 30 minutes Jogging in total which I thought was pretty marvellous. I did 3 minutes jogging followed by 1 minute of walking for 40 minutes, I honestly didn't think I had it in me but yep it seems I do. I think I may have got the bug.

2. I read a book for the first time in forever. I must have been in need of it as I read it all in one sitting. Ok Ok I confess I actually I stayed up until 4.30am reading Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella. I love a good chick lit book totally non taxing and thoroughly enjoyable.

3. I finally exorcised my demons and went through all of my magazines and got them ready for recycling. Yep if you've read my blog for a while you'll know that I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to hoarding magazines. Well fear not, here's the evidence that I'm finally ready to let them go ;)

4.  I've decided that wherever possible I'm going to only use photographs taken by myself for my blog. Occasionally in the past I've used WeHeartIt for some images and always linked back to the source, but to be honest its super duper difficult to link back to the actual photographer who took the photograph on sites like tumblr and WeHeartIt. Don't get me wrong I love the photographs on WeHeartIt but I love taking and creating my own even more. Where this isn't possible I'll use an image found from elsewhere (for example products I don't yet own or are lusting after from an online retailer) but will always link to the source where a photograph has been borrowed. So yeah just a heads up that 99% of the images on my blog from now on will be taken by moi.

5. Two to follow this week: All Picture No Sound, From Gem With Love,



  1. I began the New Year health push on New Years Day and it was ridiculously hard! I've had chocolate tempting me around every turn in the house!! x

  2. oh, Can You Keep A Secret? is probably my fave book. lol
    i like books like that.
    when i read i wanna feel good. thats why im not into "heavy" books - like dramas/crime etc.


  3. Sophie Kinsilla has to be by far one of my favourite authors you should read more of her :) I also am a magazine hoarder, when I moved house I shamelessly brang a whole bunch with me xxx

  4. Really well done on the running :) I'm so useless; I get out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs.
    Really like that book! Have you read Remember Me? and The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella as well? Absolutely love her books!
    I love your photos and I'm going to strive to take more of my own photos as well :) Also, after reading your camera post, I so desperately want a DSLR!! x

  5. Ahh loving the Bridget reference!! Oh you've made me remember I really need to throw my old mags out. I just always feel like I'll need them for some bizarre reason! xo

  6. Ive got this book and started reading it ages ago but then lost interest in reading all together. I must give it another go x

  7. I'm the same with magazines!! Nightmare!

    Well done on the running, must feel heaps better already?


  8. i LOVE that book, i read it in Sept whilst i was in Cuba ... LOVE the Bridget Jones Esque starter!


  9. I'm like that with mags, I actually have a basket in my living room next to me right now, and I feel guilty haha. I keep them for tips, maybe I should just rip that page out and keep a scrap book instead of keeping half a forest in my house!! Thank you so much for the link and I love your BJ opening, I friggin love that film, wish i had it on dvd xxx

  10. oh dear god, you say thats hoarding magazines, no word of a lie i have a good 6+ boxes :s

    woops! i do study it though :) xxx

  11. Sophie Kinsella is probably one of my fave authors, wish I had the time to read more.
    I love your Monday summaries :)

  12. Oh how we all love magazines, why is it so hard to get rid of them! I usually go through them & cut out images I like too- not sure why, as of time I don't use it, but I find it inspiring.
    Sophie Kinsella is a great author, I love all her books- they're very easy to read and enjoy (and I'm not a big reader)

  13. i adore sophie kinsella!! you have to read twenties girl by her - incredible! =) well done on the running - you have inspired me to (try to) run!! x

  14. Love the Bridget Jones style post!

    Love your photos, can't wait to see more!

    I have a box the size of that full of magazines, why can I not bring myself to throw them away?!?

    X x

  15. i don't even want to think how much money i spend on magazines, ahh they're so addictive though?! nice photos x

  16. hey kelly i know you brought a treadmill recently and was wondering what one it was you got and would you reccomend it im looking into getting one myself and have no idea where to start, hope you can help! xxx

  17. The photos look really nice! I had a magazine clearout recently too. Don't know why I insist on hanging onto piles of Look mags!

    And your NYE photos cracked me up! xx

  18. I love your blog posts so much they really do make me giggle :)
    (Please follow my blog as I currently only have 3 followers)


  19. I've only just switched back into normal mode after the festive season. I just loved slobbing about in comfy clothes eating quality street ha ha.

    It's cool you managed to go for a run, it's quite easy as well to kind of go all out and do too much when you get back into exercise. You just end up getting put off because you're absolutely knackered. Easing your self back into it is the best way.

    Your magazine pile is HUUGE by the way.

    As for reading, it all depends on the book, if it's a good book then it's like crack you can't put it down you just want to read it at any given opportunity. I have read some books though that no matter what I did I just could not get into it. Those are a chore to get through.


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