Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hilarious: New Years Eve Photo Diary

Prepare yourself for what you about to see, I chuckled so hard looking back at these photographs, most of which I wasn't even aware were being taken. The night started out quite respectable, my hair and make up and outfit were all done and ready to go. We spent New Years Eve at the Besties house with her, her boyfriend Gaz, Me, Adam, Adams Brother Gareth, and his Girlfriend Nicola. Then the evening descended into chaos, which lead to a ridiculous amount of alcohol being consumed, several outfit changes, me fancying myself as not only Ali G but also Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (WHAT??!) I particularly love the photos of me flipping the bird at a peanut (I hate peanuts) and me dancing around to the music blissfully unaware of anything going on around me! We eventually got to bed at 5am and by what only can be explained as a miracle I had no hangover. I love these wonderful people. Enjoy! 

Amy Winehouse - Karen
Gorilla - Adam
Ali G - Gaz
Hermione from Harry Potter - Nicola
Smurf - Gareth
Nun - Yours Truly


  1. looking very hot as ali g kelly!xx

  2. Hahahaha great photos. Love you giving the peanut the finger! You make a pretty nun! x

  3. Fantastic!!! I needed cheering up [post New Year blues - Merrr] and these photos made me chuckle!

    Looks like you had a great time!

    Katie x

  4. looks like someone had a good night.
    happy new year

  5. the costumes are incred! Looked like you had such a fun time =) x

  6. I think you originally should have gone as Uma Thurman :P Looks like a fun new year's eve party. You're lucky to have a lovely group of friends. I think you've got the fancy dress bug now! xx

  7. Haaha looks like you had an amazing time!! Happy new Year xx

  8. Looks like you had a brilliant time! The photo of you with the peanut is hilarious. :) x

  9. you said it, these are hilarious. looks like you had good night. happy new year :)

  10. Haha love it! :) looks like you had a FAB new years eve

  11. Hahahahaha.. I was have a low moment, then saw this post, and it has cheer'd me right up!!
    Kelly you look like you had a awesome night! Love the outfits..
    Happy new yearr xx

  12. haha the peanut one is hilarious! I have the Harry Potter costume your friend has ahah, Happy New Year Kelly :) xo

  13. Happy New Year! Just recently discovered your blog via GemsMaquillage and have given you a stylish blogger award in my latest post :) xo


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