Saturday, 29 January 2011

Emergency Purchases

So today I went off to York with the family to treat my Mum for her birthday, I took lots of photos so will post some of them over the next couple of days. I had no idea how cold it was going to be walking around the streets of York all day, so I had to make some "emergency" purchases. You know the type, you are so cold you have no choice but to by a new hat/scarf/gloves/cardigan/ maybe even a new coat in order to keep warm. Please excuse my messy kitchen and the slightly disheveled look I have about me, I've been walking around in the cold all day.

I was so super cold I decided to grab a cardigan, but after looking in Topshop and New Look none of the cardigans were impressing me. So I decided on a little cream jumper instead. I was actually going to buy a similar jumper a few months ago from Topshop but decided against it because I couldn't get my size. It's perfect for putting over things, like the Peter Pan collar blouse I was wearing today. It would also look really sweet over a peter pan collar dress (must get one of these soon).

Later on in the day in proceeded to get even colder so a scarf was essential. Obviously! After nipping into a few shops I finally decided on this leopard print number from River Island. It had £10 off so was £14.99 which I think is a great price for the scarf. Its gorgeous, really snug and warm, and I like that one side is just simple beige. I dont own a leopard scarf either so I basically thought it was meant to be. I also tried on a fur leopard hat with little ears and pom poms. I loved it, although I think I was going a step too far. *I'm secretly hoping someone buys this for me so I can be diminished of all responsibility*

Last but not least another little treat that Adam bought me wasn't technically an emergency purchase, just a necessary one. My new ipod is already getting scratched to bits and its impossible to find nice cases for the classic 160gb ipod. So whilst in Cath Kidston today I picked up this gadget case that my ipod fits in snug as a bug. Its cute. I like it.

So thats it, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far and I'll be updating lots of photos tomorrow. What do you think of my emergency purchases, and have you ever done the same?


  1. I love the jumper! I bought a similar one from H&M today :) I love emergency purchases! x

  2. can tell you now that jumper/peterpan combo is making an appearance on my blog this week! never thought about wearing it like that! so cute!

  3. I love your emergency purchases, the scarf looks so warm and the jumper looks adorable with the peter pan collar! x

  4. lovely sweaters, the peter pan collar is cute! you have a really lovely blog, im following :)

  5. I love your new scarf! I bought my first leopard print item (snood) from Topshop online but disappointed. The photo online looks more neutral shade but there's lot of bright yellow in it. gutted.

  6. I have the Topshop jumper in question, but after seeing this New Look version today I actually think I prefer it- I think it may be more versatile? It looks gorgeous on you, anyway!

    xxx Maddie

  7. aahhh i have been on a hunt for a case for my iPod classic for ages now, and never found one! This one is so great, i wish i could get it in my country !

  8. Hahaha gotta love an emergency purchase they are often the best! Loving the scraf! I went to york a few months ago its totally great for a spot of shopping and they have some lovely boutiques :o) xx

  9. That jumper/peter pan collar combo looks amazing! I love your scarf as well! (:

  10. Oh I do love a good emergency purchase! Realling liking the look of that jumper, it suits you so well and looks fab with the collar popping out :) xo

  11. woooow !
    amazing blog ; )
    interesting notes !

    if want follow me and write comment ;* xoxo

  12. that sweater is so dreamy and i love the pattern on it , simple but really looks lovely


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