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Blog like you read no other...

I consider myself someone who actively avoids engaging in any type of online drama. This isn't because I like to sit on the fence, its because I learnt the hard way that 9 times out of 10 your opinion really isn't going to add anything to the situation. This goes for all walks of life, not just online scenarios. Arguments with siblings, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, friends.... Sometimes contributing your 2 cents worth really wont add to a positive outcome, no matter how much of a good idea it seems at the time.
Only with age have I come to realise when to, and when not to share my opinions, a skill which has taken time to master. Putting it simply, I like to avoid negativity, because it breeds. I'd rather spread positivity any day, which is what this post is all about.

Its tricky when so many of us like the same things, wear the same things, and buy the same things, to avoid looking like we are imitating each other, "copying" each others blogs, photos, idea's whatever. I'm not talking about full blown plagiarism and mimicking a blog to the tee. I'm talking about being inspired by what someone wears, writes, or photographs, and wanting to recreate something of your own to inspire someone else the way you were.
I used to follow a lot of blogs, I still do to some degree but there's a select few that I check religiously simply by typing the address into the URL bar, not by checking my google reader. For me personally, that signifies its one of my favourite reads. When you're in a community such as beauty, fashion, or technology for example, interlinked with blogs, videos and tweets all with the same shared interest, its only fair to say that you are going to be aware of what people are talking about in terms of trends and whats happening in the industry.
There was a time I remember when a new Mac Collection came out 90% of the blogs I read had posts talking about it, and that still happens to this day. Of course we dont want to read the same piece of information over and over again, but thats not what its about really is it? Its all about the actual content in my eyes. Its so important for a blog to have a down to earth, human voice, that ultimately readers can connect with, otherwise its nothing but a collection of organised words and sentences.

Its strange to think that if someone discovers a new product they love that they wouldn't necessarily want to blog about it or share their thoughts about it because lots of other people were blogging about it too. I have been guilty of this in the past, but after blogging for 2 years now I've learnt that really it doesn't matter how many bloggers write about the same things. This is why I say Blog like you read no other. Imagine if you didn't read any other blogs, would you think twice about uploading a review of something that you absolutely loved? Do you love something any less because lots of other people do too? I know that I dont. I just think its so important to not take yourself, or life too seriously, and its very easy to do just that in this virtual world we have created for ourselves.
I'm not here to tell anyone how to blog, just to lighten the mood and say try to take blogs and online communities at face value. You give a little love and it all comes back to you :)



  1. I completely agree with you!! Blogging should be fun but a lot of people do get quite serious and touchy about some aspects of it.
    Oh and I love bugsy malone! I remember singing this song years ago in primary school haha :)


  2. I think this is such a valuable piece of advice!

    One of the most inspiring things about the blogging community is its sense of 'togetherness' (if that makes any sense!), and it's one of the reasons why I created my own blog. I love how everybody comes together when a new make up collection is released; someone posts a swatch, another writes a review, someone else is inspired to film a tutorial. Ultimately, everyone inspires everyone else!

    I've only recently started reading beauty blogs online, but I've been reading make up reviews for a long time and in my opinion, the more reviews the better! That way I know whether a product is worth looking in to, because through reviews I can see why people like it and why they don't, which skin type/colouring it works best for, how to use it etc.

    And one of the reasons why I read make up reviews on blogs is because they're written by real people with real opinions and a real voice. It's nice to be able to read a review on a blog and feel like you know the person, like you're friends sat discussing make up, rather than being told to 'buy this product because you need it!' like you get with magazines.

    Thank you for the lovely, positive post!

  3. I posted about a similar sort of topic on Thursday! Really enjoyed reading this Kel, I'm someone who prefers to avoid confrontation too, but had to get it out in the open before I blew up! I've noticed this "inspired" thing circling the blogging community at the moment. A lot of trends, products, ways of blogging, writing etc. have been spreading like wildfire at the moment. I personally started reading and commenting blogs and "following" them religiously because of the "real-ness" of them, and knowing there was a trusted opinion at the other end as opposed to something heavily marketed, but the huge influx of common/similar posts has started to make me question is all! Granted, it is completely fair that when something is so great, it IS worth writing about for a lot of bloggers and their blogs. I love your mantra of "blog like you read no other"! Just what I wanted to articulate, I'm just a tad sick of the thousands of Primark SS collection posts, just like I was bored of the Lanvin vs H&M posts aha! Again, really nice post! And Bugsy Malone is a tablespoon and a half of amazing (: xxx

  4. I agree. It makes me sad when I see people tweeting and asking for advice on what to blog about and whether they should talk about certain things. I alwsys tell them to go for it!

    I talk about whatever I like, whenever I like, and it's probably not always to everyones taste but hey that's ok :)

    And I definitely ignore and switch off from the drama that goes on these days because it is so high school. And I don't have the energy!!


  5. Great post Kelly love the 'blog like no other' mantra, i am like you used to be weary of posting if others have.
    But your so right it shouldnt put us off sharing xx

  6. I agree with you fully, I dont just try to live my blogging life by this but also my own life everything is to short to be worried about what everyone else is doing. Do what you enjoy and take no shame in it thats what I say :) I loved reading this, thanks for posting something so positive out of something that could be quite negative xxx

  7. I totally agree with this! I am new to the whole 'blogging world' and i have found that it can be really bitchy! I write my blog as if i am talking to who ever is reading it.
    I started my blog because it looked fun and i ignore the drama.

    Great post x

  8. I agree. Just lately I have been quite worried about posting reviews or anything really incase someone out there thinks i'm copying off them. The reason I got in to beauty blogging was to learn about different products and get reviews and opinions from people who I could hopefully trust more than magazines.
    So if I see a review on a product and then go out and buy it and then give my point of view on a product on a product it doesnt make me a copy cat does it? I'm just expressing my own opinion which I am free to do.
    Blogging can be great 80% of the time the other 20% people can be quite intimidating.

  9. Great post Kelly! Completely agree. I dont think I've ever been particularly involved in 'online drama', it just seems silly! 80 per cent of these people I've never actually met in person and at the end of the day it is just makeup. Whoever thought of what 'idea' hasnt cured cancer or broken any world records, its just superficial fun that keeps us amused and allows a creative outlet. Get over it guys and chill the eff out! x

  10. you should really do a post about your fav blogs, because i discovered Marianna's and Ashley's blog through you and I love them. I bet we have more things in common so would love to see what else you like

  11. Great post kelly! I love the idea of 'blog like you read no other'. I know that in the past I have thought twice about posting things that I've already seen on loads of blogs. But like you say, it's all about the person behind the blog too. There are certain types of posts that I normally just skip past because I'm not that interested, but if it's by one of my favourite bloggers then I'm guaranteed to read and enjoy it anyway.
    I also read Michelle's post and agree with her comment about not wanting to see the exact same post/product regurgitated throughout my timeline!
    :) xxx

  12. Best post I've read today by a mile, and I have a ton to catch up on! Completely agree with everything you've written xx

  13. Love this post. Been sturggling with this a lot actually it's one of the reasons i've stopped blogging xx

  14. Really interesting post. I try not to write about the latest blogger trends... although sometimes I think i should, because the SEO would be great! But I'm always striving to offer something different, something that makes people visit my blog over others.

  15. Very well put. I don't blog myself but I love to read blogs but only regularly follow a few favourites because like you, their true personality shines through. Don't let the negative commenters get you down <3

  16. I looove this post! I'm quite picky when it comes to which blogs I follow and like to keep it balanced.. I deffo don't want to be reading the same thing 100x over on each blog. My only rule when it comes to my own blog is - would I read the post if i stumbled across it? If it's a yes then it gets the go ahead :)

  17. ive just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE this post. I've only started blogging and it is hard to write original stuff all the time but im trying. I agree with everything you said and its lovely to hear someone speak so honest about something that i have read before but in a negative tone!! youve inspried me to keep blogging - im blogging and blogging and hoping to gain some more followers as its nice to write what someone else might like to read but it is a competitve blog world out there!! thanks again for the great inspiring post!! xx


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