Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Years Resolutions.

For the last 4 years my new years resolutions have been exactly the same. There has been 2 of them give or take each year, and each year I am even more determined that I will fulfill the resolutions. They have been:

1. Lose weight and get to goal
2. Stop Swearing

So far I havn't achieved either of these resolutions, although had success with both to varying degrees, and after careful consideration I have decided to mix it up a bit and decide to do things a little differently. I've been thinking about something different. Something out of the ordinary. Something I've always wanted to do but always shrugged off because to be honest it never felt attainable. Something that will make a big difference to my life and me as a person.The above resolutions are something I'm continuously working towards rather than resoluting to do.

So here they are my 2 New Years Resolutions.

1. To learn a new language properly. Either French or Spanish.
I've always ALWAYS wanted to speak another language. In fact make that several other languages. I'd love to be able to travel to other countries and to properly interact with the people there, not expect that they should speak English just "because." In my second year of university I actually signed up to do a module in either Chinese or Spanish. The ridiculous lesson schedule made it impossible to do and I had to take a Banking and Finance module instead. This year I'm absolutely determined to learn either French or Spanish, I'm not completely sure which one yet, but its going to happen.

2. To sign up for a race of some form. In an ideal world this would be a half marathon. Although I fear if I was to share this notion with my close friends and family, they would basically say "Yeah Right, OK Kelly whilst the novelty lasts" and then I would begin to doubt myself, which would ultimately lead to a self fulfilling prophecy that I couldn't do it. So maybe the trick here is to sign up for it and train regardless without telling anybody. Or maybe start small and run a Race for Life first. Although to me that seems like a cop out and I should shoot for the sky. I dont like doing anything by half measures, and I am a little bit of an extremist at times. Its all or nothing. Seeing as though I'm only a running novice at this point in time, any advice on this resolution would be much appreciated.

There is also one other thing I'd love to do but I dont want to commit to too many different things and then not follow through. So many people can talk the talk but not walk the walk. I'd absolutely love to learn British Sign Language. I just feel that this would be such an invaluable skill to have and I have always admired people who can do this well. Maybe I will look into this more and make an informed decision at a later date.

So there you have it, those are my two New Years Resolutions. You may be thinking the same as me, well what will make these two any different. I dont know the answer to that, but if I never try, I'll never know!

What are your New Years Resolutions?


  1. My resolutions are the same every year: lose weight, take better care of my skin, help mum more...etc etc Every year I fail! I wanted to learn another language.
    I think a charity run would be amazing for you, I would help you lose weight, increase your fitness and help others out at the same time! Try downloading a language app. for get the basics of french/spanish. Also Rosetta Stone is meant to be very good but its pricey.

    Good Luck

  2. my Mum had to learn sign language for part of her job (dental nurse) and she really enjoyed learning it. I really want to run a race, travel more, and enjoy life =) x

  3. I took both French and Spanish up untill A level. They are actually very similar, so once you know one fairly well then you should have a good understanding of the other. Good luck lovely :) I haven't decided on mine yet x

  4. Great post Kelly :) My resolutions are to tone up, get my degree and also learn another language. I can speak a bit of French, Spanish and German so I want to expand my skills lol. Or Italian! Have a good new year! x

  5. I have my British Sign Language Level 1 and speak fluent Italian as well as scouse :p so luckily I have the languages sorted but I would like to learn Spanish too! Good luck with your resolutions...maybe you should tackle one at a time..trying to take on too much puts a lot of pressure on yourself! I want to lose weight's so hard though, and I always vouch to try and do something every day to make someone else smile! xx

  6. ive never made new years resolutions in my entire life lol...
    wouldnt know what...

  7. These are great Resolutions, Kelly, good luck, im sure you will achieve them :)
    I would love to learn French or Italian, both such beautiful languages.

    My resolution this year (among the many usual ones :)is to do a Writing Correspondance course, as its a major dream to be able to write, and possibly even have published work one day :)

  8. Hi hun - why not try a 10km run? That's pretty hefty but not as scary as a half marathon. You can do it! xx

  9. Some fantastic new year's resolutions... mine will be to loose weight - and LOTS of it!!!
    Again, something that won't ever happen!
    Good luck!

    Katie x

  10. wow kelly my resolution is to start running and sign up for a marathon aswell!
    my other resolution is to read more, i felt just like you i always want the same things but never strive for them so im mixing them up, maybe we could post together or something? i dont know...

    but ill be keeping up with your progress good luck,

  11. I think you should definitely aim high for the run :)
    I am one of those people who just doesn't do exercise, I was never ever sporty but last spring I decided to enter myself to do the Bupa Great South Run in Portsmouth to raise money for Alzheimer's Society. Choosing a charity I was so passionate about really motivated me and I managed to go from someone who had never ever ran before to doing 10miles in less than 2.5 hours!
    Almost everyone I knew laughed when I told them and thought I could never do it and that just made me all the more proud when I did :) I would really recommend the Great South Run the atmosphere was amazing, the people were lovely and it's a nice flat run as well so even though it's a long way it's not uphill and from personal experience it's doable for a beginner.

    I liked it so much I'm going it again this year :D

    And for what it's worth I really think you can do it! One tip, find someone to do it with you, my boyfriend did it with me (he's quite fit he's done the London Marathon :/) and he was so sweet about motivating me and kept me company the whole way around and pick a charity to get sponsors for, something close to your heart it's the best motivation ever knowing you're doing it for so many other people as well as yourself.

    Good luck! xx (and sorry for the massive comment!)

  12. Good on you for switching it up a bit but not making things too impossible. I think sometimes with resolutions it's all about the thought that counts and some people don't reeeally intend on giving it a go. These are things I think you can definitely cross off lovely so good luck :) xx

  13. I can really recommend Race for Life. It sounds a short way but oh boy it nearly killed me but gave me such a sense of achievement. Also the training for it got me so fit.

    I'd also love to learn Sign Language, I think it would be a really great thing to do.


  14. I think you should try for the great north run in Newcastle. I'm from Newcastle and I did it last year its an amazing atmosphere and everyone celebrates with a drink or two on the quayside!! good luck! xx


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