Monday, 27 December 2010

Monday Summary

Despite my mammoth blog post yesterday I still wanted to do my weekly Monday Summary! It doesn't feel the same without one.

1. Christmas: I feel so lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts and to be able to spend the festive period with my loved ones. Its such a special time of year and I really do try to make the most of it. It always seem to go by so fast dont you think? I am glad to get back to some normality on the food front though, my skin is awful thanks to all the booze, sweets, and junk I've consumed, but its Christmas and it'd be criminal not to! Back to my routine now though and feeling great.

2. My new Camera lens. I got a new lens for Christmas which at first I wasn't too sure about at all, but now I absolutely love it. its so amazing for close ups which is brilliant for photographing products, I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this baby. Now all I need is a snazzy bag to store my lenses in.. obviously ;)

3. Watching films. I dont get to watch movies as often as I'd like in my day to day life, so I always take advantage of Boxing Day and the Christmas period in general and cram in as much film watching as possible. Yesterday I watched (in this order) The Ant Bully, Enchanted, Knight and Day and then Inception. I loved it. I think I may also bring out a book this evening to get stuck into, I've got one by Sophie Kinsella I picked up a few weeks ago which I really want to read.

4. Just because I wanted to share with you my favourite Christmas Song EVER: Push Play, turn it up, sit back and enjoy!

5. Four to Follow: Pale Division, The Scent of Obsession, Blushing Ambition, Little Miss NC25


  1. I know what you mean about your skin. I'm back on the healthy diet before my body gives up!! Too many sweets!!

    Love that pic of the sweets, lucky you getting a new lense.


  2. Ahhh, LOVE this song, you know its christmas when you hear this (and see the coca-cola ad!)

    Merry Christmas xx

  3. Just got back on the diet today and its so hard going from so much to so little! I feel grose aswell with all the junk! Hope you had a great christmas hun, good luck with the weight loss xx

  4. Thanks for featuring, gorgeous!

    Pale Division

  5. I watched Enchanted today - love it :)



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