Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mac Virgin Isle to be Repromoted in Mac Stylishly Yours Collection

As soon as Ann alerted me to her latest blogpost I had to get straight on my laptop to let you all know that the Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base I raved about in this post earlier this week is being repromoted in Mac's Stylishly Yours Collection. As I said in the post this fabulous product has been discontinued, but as if by magic you now have a chance to get your hands on this beauty. I for one will most definitely be snapping one up as a back up, and I really can not recommend this wonderful product enough! The collection is due for release on 26/12/2010 in the US so will released around a similar time in the UK, as soon as I can confirm the date I'll update you all.

Cream Colour Base Virgin Isle


  1. Haha wow perfect timing! I am so excited to purchase this when it comes out =)

  2. aah, thanks for the link back love ... it did make me smile when I saw it included - have literally been lusting after it fo an age, and couldn't believe it when you popped your post up! ... will definitely be popping this one in my bag (may have a problem stopping at one, mind!) ;)

    a x

  3. can not wait for this!! =) thank you so much for posting! xx

  4. I'm so excited! I have been wanting this for AGES and was waiting for a re-promotion! Woo hoo!x


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