Friday, 17 December 2010

LOVE: Nailene False Nails

I finally caved in to an urge for some false nails this week. Instead of going down the acrylic route I opted for some glue on nails. This was for two reasons really, firstly after the last time I had acrylics in September 2008 I vowed to never have them again as they completely ruined my nails, and secondly because I'm on a budget and didnt want to fork out on the salon, infills yada yada yada.

I opted for Nailene So Natural Chip Proof Nail in Petite Length. I dont like long nails if I'm honest, I cant have really long nails anyway because of playing the piano but i do like nice looking nails. I didn't have high hopes for these if I'm honest, I thought they'd look ridiculous and be more effort than they were worth. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I absolutely love them. Ell. Ohh. Vee. Eee. Love them. Talk about easy to apply, it took about 15 minutes to apply from start to finish and I'm sure once I've had a bit of practice I'll be able to apply them even quicker! I had to do no trimming or filing whatsoever, I literally just glued them on! I had a little mishap with the middle finger on my right hand and didn't apply enough glue so it looks a little bit uneven, but I just I can't recommend these enough, I'm hoping they last about 5-7 days then I'll reapply them. I also love the fact that they only have a really small white tip. I've got some more Nailene nails being sent to me by the lovely Milly who picked up some of the 200 active square nails as recommended by Lily as they didnt have any in my boots. I'm going to use these for when I want to wear false nails with my own nail varnishes.

I paid £6.99 for the Nailene So Natural Chip Proof Nails in Petite Length and bought them from Boots.

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  1. That's so strange... I tried the Kiss Everlasting French fake nails just a few weeks ago for the exact same reasons! They stayed on really well too. I had a little difficulty getting a few of mine to come off, but with a little work they did. (I ended up doing a review too.)
    How long do you plan to use them? ...and let me know if you learn any tricks to removing them too. *HUGS*

  2. been looking at nailene nails for a while,. they look really good, specially the short ones, you make me wanna try them!!! they seem like they would last through xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day!

  3. Hello chickadee. Your nails look super. So very natural. You will love the active square nails currently winging their way to you! They are such a joy to paint. Leaves your polish looking super glossy and dries in literally a TICK! xoxo

  4. They look great. it would be great to know how well they wear.

    Emma x.x.x

  5. yreah they look really good, very natural!

  6. Thank you so much for recommending these, I went out a bought them today and I literally just applied them. They are so natural as I have small hands and nails and so easy to apply! Thank you again, x

  7. Can you put your own colour on top of these? I think I've added them to my shopping list.

  8. I use store-bought fake nails all the time because they keep me from picking at my own nails :/ bad habit, I know, which I've tried for years to break with no success. Most brands usually last 3-5 days for me before they start popping off with pressure. I've painted them in the past, but cheap polishes generally don't have enough pigment to cover the nail without using thick coats. When I've used higher end polishes I've had better success.

  9. I like Nailene as well, they look very natural (compared to other brands *ahem Paris Hilton*) and they fit narrower nail beds!
    However I somehow always screw up the application, I manage to create those nasty bubbles underneath the nail almost everytime and they never ever last me for more than 2 days... hope you have better luck than me!
    Tips welcome of course! :)


  10. I need to get some of these...they look perfect imo. I too have vowed to never do acrylics again! My nails suck to start with and acrylics just left them ravaged. I love how these look, very neat and clean and not too long.


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