Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Photo Diary

Wow what a couple of days. I've had the most wonderful Christmas, ate more food than I ever thought was physically possible, drank, laughed, received some lovely presents, and just had a really special few days. I took a total of 306 photographs since Thursday and I thought some of you would like to see a selection :)

First of all here's how I wore my make up for the last few days. pretty much how I wear it every other day of the year. Maybe for New Years Eve I should wear some glitter on my eyes? :) 

On the Nails we have Ali's Big Break the perfect festive red!

Starting on Thursday I went to my parents businesses works do (wow thats a mouthful haha) 

Whats your poison? I'm a Vodka Lemonade kinda girl..

Can you say tipsy?

You know when it gets to this point of the night its time for TAXI!!

Then came Christmas Day! I spend Christmas morning and day at home then go to Adams parents for a second Christmas Dinner, drinks and cards, which usually descends into chaos and results in me losing all of my money. Not many photos were taken in the evening because to be honest I was too busy drinking bucks fizz and pear & apple vodka! 

First up its time to see what I got for Christmas!! 

From L-R
Givenchy Ange ou Demon one of my favourite perfumes from Secret Santa
Pandora Bracelet and pretty charm from Dad
Thomas Sabo Eiffel Tower Pendant & Necklace from Adam
Pretty Earrings from Karen & Gaz
Thomas Sabo Skull Charm from Nicola & Gareth (Adam's Brother and his lovely girlfriend)
Topshop Rings from Mum & Dad
Classic Ipod from Mum & Dad
River Island Boots from Mum & Dad
Piano Ornament with a necklace inside from Dad
The most beautiful River Island wedge platforms I have ever seen and also can not walk in from Adam
River Island Satchel I've wanted forever from Karen & Gaz
Caroline Shotton Ltd Edition Leather Purse (FYI I love Cows - no joke) from brother John
Notting Hill DVD - I've never seen this from the beginning I always miss the start - from Karens Mum
Canon EF 50mm f1.8 Lens which all gift photos were taken with from Adam

Then it was time for Christmas Lunch Number 1 at Chez Kelanjo where I helped mum cook for the family :)

Then it was onto Adams Mum and Dads for Christmas Dinner Number 2 with his family.

Drinking Bucks Fizz! :D

Gorgeous Nicola with her adorable son Harry!

After a ridiculous amount to drink, as we were preparing to head home, I asked Adam to pass me the spare pair of shoes I'd asked him to pack before we left my house because I didn't think I'd be able to make it to the taxi in my huge wedges. I thought it was absolutely hilarious when I put them on that he had packed me two odd shoes! Also I dont even know why the hell I had these socks on!?! Brilliant!! 

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my Christmas Festivities! I know lots of you said you like my Photo Diaries so I really hope you like this and I'll continue doing them in the future! Lots of love to all xxx



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic xmas and I noticed a few bits from your xmas wish list below.

  2. Aww looks like you enjoyed yourself! Love the nail polish, and gosh those Topshop rings are to die for! Can I borrow? ;) xxx

  3. Looks like you had a fun day! :)

  4. I love your make up :) great photos!

  5. Your gorgeous photos make me want a new camera so badly!! So pleased you had a lovely few days and were spoilt with gorgeous presents - you totally deserve it! xxx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I always look forward to your photo posts, Kelly! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas (: xx

  7. Lovely time had by all at Christmas! Love the table shots, and laughed at your shoes. I always carry a spare pair to avoid the painful journey in huge heels.


  8. wow you got tonnes of lovely bits and pieces kelly! I hope you had a good christmas :) xx

  9. oooo you got the River Island boots - i love them, i must buy them!

    I loved all the photos =) xx

  10. Gorgeous photos :)
    You got some really lovely pressies lucky girly! xxxx

  11. What a lovely post! Made me smile, wish I had of taken pictures over christmas, will make an effort for NYE :) Your camera seems great too, which one is it? xo

  12. ahh i really need to get those river island boots!

    and your pictures are all so lovely xx

  13. Awww looks like you had an ace Christmas, loved the look of all your prezzies! Love seeing what everyone else got :) xxxx

  14. aw i wish i had taken more photos of chrismtas!

    i got those boots from my dad theyre soooo nice


  15. I love a good photo diary! Keep posting them, they're brilliant! i may even be so inspired to do one myself!

    Looks like you had a fantastic christmas - Happy New Year to you all!!

    katie x

  16. How big is that oven, immense!! You had some wonderful things, I abso love that givenchy perfume, deffo need to get some. How is your lense working out?? I really need a new one, my images are to soft, need something sharper. Glad you had a lovely Christmas xx

  17. haha loving the shoes at the end!

    You did very well for Crimbo pressies :)



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